Harlow Council and Veoila launch “Respect” refuse workers campaign

News / Wed 5th Oct 2022 at 10:59am

HARLOW Council and Veoila have issued an appeal for residents to show more respect to refuse workers in the town.

The interviews took place on Monday morning.

A few hours later, a refuse worker was attacked in Old Harlow.

YH spoke to the portfolio holder for Governance, cllr Alasdair Gunn as well as Managing Director of Muncipal Servcie at Veoila, Pascal Hauret.

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4 Comments for Harlow Council and Veoila launch “Respect” refuse workers campaign:

2022-10-05 11:40:33

Its sad how most of the people and government dont respect working class!!!!!!! Wake up Britain please!!!!! This issue is everywhere shops, hospitals, schools etc.Sad

2022-10-05 12:43:02

99.99% of the population are very appreciative of the job refuse workers do, however, might the problems arise as a result of the service package Council's and Veiola provide? Respect is signalled to the community by the attitudes of employers like Veiola to their workers, these workers recently had to go to the extreme measure of going on strike to try to get decent pay and working conditions. Looking at the way these guys have to literally sprint a marathon to compete collection rounds in all weathers and deal with rules that prevent them collecting some items households and businesses put out for collection it still looks like the company and the Council need to look to themselves to solve these problems of respect and others like fly tipping. People put out stuff that the guys are told not to collect, a point of frustration and friction, households then have to take or organise/ hire transportation or companies to take items to the recycling centres. Some such companies flytip, many Harlow residents can't afford the costs, either way such a system encourages fly tipping, which in turn adds up to a major problem and costs to Councils. The money spent on solving the problems could be spent by Councils collecting every item domestic waste, this would remove at least one cause of friction (lack of respect is mostly frustration with the system rather than the worker) and prevent fly tipping. A last issue are the problems one encounters at the dump, these need to be tackled swiftly, I'm sure others will write to explain. The system needs to be revamped to a "How can we help? " approach rather than the "We will not stand for .." mindset of the Council and the Company.

Richard Adams
2022-10-05 18:12:04

Nostradamus raises several valid issues about the refuse service, however, none of them excuse verbally abusing or assaulting a refuse worker.

2022-10-05 20:26:19

I totally get the no abuse towards the bin men from the public while doing there jobs but it’s ok for veolia to bully there staff as this has been the case in Harlow several times🧐 rather hypercritical of veolia I wonder what will happen now a member of staff had been attacked I wonder what will happen to the member of staff will they be supported by veolia or shown the door also agree with comments above the council and veolia set the rules of what the bin men can take but there not the ones facing the public day in day out when they are told to leave the bin due to contamination they get the abuse not the bigwigs behind it all 😞

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