PAH: Engineers continue to work on MRI scanner

Health / Thu 6th Oct 2022 at 08:32am

PLEASE note that engineers are continuing to work on repairing our MRI scanner, and they now have a mobile MRI scanner at The Princess Alexandra Hospital in the interim.

A spokesperson said: “We are focusing on scanning patients as soon as possible, at both St Margaret’s Hospital where appropriate and using the mobile scanner.

“Our teams will contact you to confirm arrangements for your MRI scan.

We apologise for the delay and any disruption caused.

“Thank you for your support”.

Message 30/09/22 (PM)

The MRI scanner repairs are underway and there is now no loud noise expected, as the helium has been released in a controlled manner by the engineers.

We will update on availability of MRI scans for our patients as soon as possible.

We apologise for any disruption caused.

Message: 30/09/22 (AM)

Please be aware that due to an issue with the MRI scanner, a loud noise is expected to be heard across The Princess Alexandra Hospital imminently.

There is no safety risk. The area has been secured and there is no need to evacuate.

The noise will be caused by the MRI scanner reaching very high temperatures that the cooling system has not adequately controlled, causing helium to be released into the atmosphere.

An engineer is due on site shortly to resolve the issue.

We have now cancelled appointments for patients due to have an MRI scan today. We will not be able to MRI scan inpatients today and potentially into the weekend. We reiterate that there are no risks to safety.

We apologise for any concern and disruption caused.

We will update as soon as possible.

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2 Comments for PAH: Engineers continue to work on MRI scanner:

David Forman
2022-10-06 09:26:07

Sounds expensive. I bet the engineer was sucking through his teeth when asked "how much" to repair it.

2022-10-06 09:45:12

I would not be surprised if they cut back on maintenance to save money. Its always a false economy. Yes it is expensive, because not only do you have to pay for the repair, you also have to pay for the impact to the organisation which is usually many times more than the cost of the repair, and makes the maintenance cost look like small change. I have seen this many times in industry.

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