Harlow Labour leader: Time for Robert Halfon to stop talking a good game over PM Liz Truss

News / Fri 14th Oct 2022 at 07:02am

THE LEADER of Harlow Labour has told MP Robert Halfon to stop “talking a good game” over under-fire PM Liz Truss.

Cllr Chris Vince said: “It was interesting to read the Conservative MP for Harlow’s views on his own party’s current leader and the Prime Minister.  

Although I completely disagree with Mr Halfon’s views on the last 12 years of a Conservative government, and in particular it’s disastrous handling of this countries education system and the future of our young people, I do welcome his candid views on Liz Truss’ performance thus far.  

However, too many times over the years Mr Halfon has talked a good game and not acted.  Now is the time to see if he will finally do so.  Will he vote against the up coming budget should it not reverse the disastrous decisions that have seen the value of the pound sink through the floor and will he be writing a letter of no confidence to the 1922 committee?  Let’s wait and see.

“Mr Halfon may say that he needs to continue to support his party leader in the vain hope that Harlow will get its new hospital.  If so then he really does need to wake up and recognise the reality of his government’s decisions.  Liz Truss and her incoherent economic policies will not get a hospital built and if he is honest with himself, he knows that!”

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9 Comments for Harlow Labour leader: Time for Robert Halfon to stop talking a good game over PM Liz Truss:

2022-10-14 07:27:03

Candid views? Mr. Halfon told us to wait and reserve judgement whilst the PM crashed the pound with her mates cashing in by shorting it, put booster rockets on people's mortgage rates, and nearly collapsed DB pension funds. This piece seems a bit too kind.

2022-10-14 09:00:11

Perhaps many Conservative MPs will see the consequences of rampant conservatism and cross the floor.

2022-10-14 09:14:43

The Pound has crashed? One month ago today, the Pound /US$ was 1.145; today it is 1.13 , a fall of 1.31%. In the same period the Euro fell 2% against the US$. The US$ has strengthened globally as a refuge in turbulent times and due to the fact that the Federal Reserve has hiked US interest rates faster. However, 1.3% is hardly a ‘crash’.

2022-10-14 09:56:28

Chris Vince, always ready to criticise anybody who doesn’t have his take on any issues. Have you actually checked the whole world is in the same position as the UK. High Interest Rates, Slowing Economy, How about telling us what You would do.

Johnny crap at maths
2022-10-14 17:20:51

The global economy and pound against dollar is up there with my understanding of fractions...non existent and completely baffling easy peasy explanation of government fiddling please?😀

2022-10-14 18:32:52

Liz Truss seems to feel that we need a change of approach to improve our lot. Can anyone really argue with that. Unfortunately, she hasn't got off to the best start-is that bad luck or a lack of judgement. I was pleased that Boris went (guess he was too judging by the money he seems to make just for speaking) but I feel that LT needs to be given a decent chance. Hopefully she will learn that changes need to be one step at a time. I do feel that Robert Halfon appears as confused as hell, but unfortunately Labour currently are unable to even offer us a candidate (I can offer them someone who I believe could win-I don't mean me!)

2022-10-15 08:51:02

Where are the grown ups in politics? Dangerous times ahead.

2022-10-15 09:13:51

As usual labour are talking out of their 'where the sun doesn't shine' . Halfon has been a superb local MP. And of course Chris Vince doesn't offer any solutions to this WORLDWIDE cost of living crisis. Similar to his party leader 'captain hindsight'. Stick to local politics son and leave the major decisions to the big boys.

David Forman
2022-10-15 18:16:43

Apart from poor grammar Mr Vince does not surprise or inform anyone. Mr Vince fails to comprehend that economies around the world are in trouble. Britain's economy is hindered by Brexit and cutting corporation tax and PAYE was seen as a means of boosting investment and retaining/attracting foreign investment. However, it is a brave company that invests heavily in an approaching recession. The now reversed 6% cut to corporation tax should have been axed in favour of low rates at the 10 Freeports. An example is the 12.5% tax rate set by the Shannon Free Zone in Ireland. However, the Government is only giving employer National Insurance, business rates and capital allowances subsidies. The existing meagre Freeport subsidies will cost £50m a year according to the OBR. To encourage foreign inward investment these tax subsidies would need to be higher, but the finance markets will want to see public spending cuts in return for tax giveaways. So, the Labour Party are not going to reverse this mess easily other than cutting public spending and increasing taxes to pay for social justice policies. Yet Labour is already making overtures to the City of London financiers that it will be fiscally responsible. Therefore, no land of milk and honey under the Labour charlatans.

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