Liz Truss: Harlow voters’ views on whether she can remain Prime Minister

News / Tue 18th Oct 2022 at 08:55am

Photo courtesy of BBC/Shaun Whitmore

THE prime minister’s government is living hour-by-hour according to political pundits after the newly appointed chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced plans to reverse almost all of Liz Truss’s mini-budget and scale back spending.

So what do voters in Harlow make of the latest government U-turns and the prime minister’s performance as the country’s leader?

The BBC went to the town centre to find out more.

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6 Comments for Liz Truss: Harlow voters’ views on whether she can remain Prime Minister:

2022-10-18 11:23:44

A high proportion of Harlow voters were gullible enough to vote for Brexit and the clown that followed. OK, the clown has gone but the chaos he left behind hasn't. For me, Liz Truss as a remainer (as was Robert Halfon) and from an ordinary, albeit clever, family can lead us into a better future. She has made mistakes, were they all hers or those of her team, but I believe she has learnt a lesson. She was good enough to be selected by tory mps to go into the members ballot, presumably they know her far better than we do. Will she hang on, I guess every day that she does makes it more likely. The tory MPs have shown themselves to be an unloyal lot, just as they were with Theresa May

2022-10-18 12:29:30

The only thing anyone has learnt for the past 5 years, is democracy does not exist in any shape or form anymore. First, the ruling class are still trying reversed brexit, then there was the Corbyn/Starmer farce, and now they have removed Boris, who they never really wanted, and have now circumnavigated the elected replacement, all because the ruling classes know best. We now have a true political vacuum, and an electorate with little faith in the system. If you know anything about history, we are facing very dangerous times ahead.

2022-10-18 18:58:12

Democracy does in deed exist. The Conservative Party MPs voted for Liz Truss, the Conservative Party members voted for Liz Truss. She said she would lower taxes, she did what she promised, she did exactly what she said she would do. The whole Conservative Party democratically, including its members, got what they voted for. Democracy. The ruling class are not trying to reverse Brexit, it was the ruling class that implemented it so badly, as driven by the hard right. As was voted for by all Tory voters. Democracy. Boris was wanted, even the Harlow Tory party eagerly wanted him, even though they knew he was lazy, a liar, racist, misogynist and a homophobe. They, and all Tory voters, got exactly what they voted for in Boris. Democracy, again. We don't have a true political vacuum, only a vacuum in Tory party leadership. Which is entirely of their own making. We have an Opposition, so there is no true political vacuum. And we are not facing very dangerous times ahead. Ukraine is facing very dangerous times ahead, with the threat of a population without food and nukes from Russia. We need a General Election now. We can't wait for the Conservatives to sort themselves out. We don't need yet another Conservative Party leader foisted on us, we need a General Election.

2022-10-18 21:43:12

Theman and JD, how about answering the question posed by the header

2022-10-19 10:14:03

It does not matter whether she stays or not. We are ruled by faceless dictators who no longer feel the need to pay lip service to democracy, as they did in the past.

2022-10-19 17:40:10

Might as well ask a group of rubber ducks if you're asking the people of Harlow what they think... How many of these participants voted for the Conservatives and Brexit?

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