Tories reveal that Harlow Playhouse may be used as warm bank

News / Tue 18th Oct 2022 at 07:04am

A SENIOR Harlow Conservative councillor has revealed that they are considering using Harlow Playhouse as a “warm space” as part of winter strategy should the cost of living and energy crisis deepen.

Portfolio Holder Cllr Joel Charles detailed plans in response to a question by Harlow Labour.

He refers to warm banks after four mins of film below.

Councillor Tony Edwards to Councillor Joel Charles (Portfolio Holder for
Business and Community Resilience):

Given the “Cost of Living Crisis” please tell us what specific actions are being
taken by the Council to increase community resilience over the forthcoming
winter period?

Reply from Councillor Joel Charles (Portfolio Holder for Business and
Community Resilience):

One of the Council’s most important priorities is to work relentlessly to promote
prosperity. Enabling people to access opportunities, through skills development
and employment is crucial. The Council’s approach to addressing concerns
about the cost-of-living will be focused on supporting people to enhance their life

chances. To do this there must be a focus on local economic growth, that is why
the Council’s Economic Development Strategy, to be published next year, will
set out a plan to attract further inward investment in the town.

The Council is also setting up an internal working group to look at what practical
action can be taken regarding the cost-of-living. One step already taken by the
Council has been to further fund the Community Hub to ensure this outreach
provision for residents will continue through the winter, connecting residents with
sources of help and support. The Council continues to have a good working
relationship with Citizens Advice Harlow and the town’s Foodbank, where some
hub users are referred, alongside the offer of mental health support.

Further opportunities are being explored through the Council’s work with
colleagues in primary care on the Harlow Health and Wellbeing Partnership, and
the West Essex Health Partnership structures. The Council is also engaging
with the local Poverty Alliance and listening to the issues raised to look at ways
to assist. A separate meeting request has been sent to leading members of the
Poverty Alliance to discuss what more the Council can do to help residents
during the winter months.

The Council’s website has been updated to include support and advice about
the cost-of-living, and this will continue to develop. Projects under current
consideration are the development of a campaign throughout the winter to
ensure that residents can get the right advice on a range of matters, including
additional benefits information, fuel efficiency and insulation best practice, and
debt and mental health support.

These matters have already been highlighted in the Harlow Times and further information will be posted on the Council’s social media channels.

As part of the Council’s winter planning, the provision of warm
spaces for vulnerable residents who may need support is being considered

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7 Comments for Tories reveal that Harlow Playhouse may be used as warm bank:

2022-10-18 07:05:36

Should we be grateful?

2022-10-18 07:24:24

We already have warm banks for want of a better word. Harvey Center, Sports Center, coffe Shops etc. is the public really so stupid that nanny state needs to tell us where we can go to get warm.

gary roberts
2022-10-18 07:34:31

Warm banks? And this disgraceful government believes they are doing you a favour. They cut Universal Credit [UC] by £1,000 and will not confirm that benefit increases next year will rise by inflation. There are some people living on £77 per week in this country: Could Mr. Halfon live on that amount? I suspect not! Some will say "get a job" but many people on UC are already working. Will this country now be faced with the return to austerity and recession? I suspect so. I just hope that we do not return to 1981 when unemployment reached over three million when many people in this town queued around the block to claim benefits. Ms. Truss apparently believes Mrs. Thatcher was great and wants to be like her. Sadly and currently she is achieving that goal.

Kim Oconnor
2022-10-18 08:38:46

I'll go with first comment Should we be grateful.

2022-10-18 11:52:20

They have all failed us I suggest people use the money to pay energy bill in place of paying taxes

2022-10-19 06:47:51

We have gone backwards as a society it's so disappointing! I don't know why this warm banks is new, most public government buildings are like ovens in the winter anyway. Surely the civic centre in water gardens has thousands of warm cubic foot spare as there must only be about 40 people on site at any one point.... Would be a little unsettling though, the council having to actually deal with the public!

David Forman
2022-10-20 18:17:24

Joel Charles says there is a "a plan to attract further inward investment in the town." Will that be more successful than attracting Public Health England to Harlow?

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