Robert Halfon MP once again backs Rishi Sunak for Prime Minister

News / Fri 21st Oct 2022 at 01:53pm

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon has backed former chancellor, Rishi Sunak to be the next prime minister.

In the previous campaign, Mr Halfon had originally backed Sajid Javid but when he was eliminated he supported Mr Sunak.

With PM Liz Truss lasting just 45 days, the campaign to be PM starts again.

Mr Halfon brought Mr Sunak to Harlow to speak to constituency members in August.

There, Mr Sunak once again expressed his grave concerns for Liz Truss’ economic plans, calling him “fantasy economics that could do grave harm to the UK economy”

Our interview with Mr Sunak back in August is below.

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19 Comments for Robert Halfon MP once again backs Rishi Sunak for Prime Minister:

2022-10-21 14:25:30

having a laugh mr halfon would not trust him or his wife bad of the bunch get boris back

2022-10-21 15:33:46

I agree, get Boris back.

2022-10-21 17:05:22

Yes get Boris back

2022-10-21 17:13:04

Yes, bring back the worst PM ever (except for the last one). Only the Conservatives would want a racist, misogynist, bigoted, lier for their leader, twice. I'm sure he will find even more laws to break once he is back. If Boris comes back, does RH's 'one last chance' clock reset back to zero, or does it continue from last time? It doesn't really matter whether it's Boris The Convict, Dishi Rishi, Liz The Lettuce, or Larry The Cat, the only thing any new Conservative leader has to do is call a General Election NOW.

2022-10-21 18:13:56

You backed Liz Truss and told us to give her a chance even after the mini-budget. You have zero credibility. Goodbye.

2022-10-21 19:08:08

GENERAL ELECTION NOW, this government says we will do what’s best for the public, well give us the general election

Mr Grumpy
2022-10-21 19:43:52

With the Tories now in total disarray, I think we need a general election and let the people decide who should govern this country.

2022-10-21 20:42:27

Not a very good judge of anything really - Still all he wants to do is keep his seat. Question - would the voters of Harlow vote for an independent who made no fake promises like Labour or Cons but actually promised to do his best for all the towns residents to the best of thier abilities and only serve one term ?

2022-10-21 21:59:42

The Independent is reporting that Rish has reached the level of support required: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/rishi-sunak-tory-leadership-nominations-b2208170.html While Boris is on his third holiday since not being PM. I'm sure that all the people in Harlow will be feeling so sorry for Boris having his Caribbean holiday interrupted by such trivial matters. The only thing Rishi needs to do is call a General Election. How hard can it be?

2022-10-22 06:03:10

Bad luck Rishi, if Robert backs you that’s you out.

2022-10-22 08:33:00

Where is the “steer calmer with Keir Starmer” campaign. I don’t think Labour want to be in power with the troubles the western world finds itself in. There are no good choices ahead for who ever is in charge. Global levelling up means we are all destined to get poorer as we are one of the richest countries on this planet. As for new prime minister, didn’t the people vote in the conservatives because of Boris.

2022-10-22 08:57:17

JD you mention Johnsons holiday. I thought MPs would be a bit like teachers, who take their holidays when the school are shut, and take their holidays when parliament is closed. So why has this sitting MP, being paid a decent salary, taken a holiday in Ocotober when he should be working

Kim Oconnor
2022-10-22 10:13:19

Has Rashi handed in his green card yet. If Boris did get back in, it would be like , what just happened, did I just dream what happened, did we just have the worse prime minister in history ruin the economy. Hahaha. Mr halfon, I don't think who ever takes over now will fix what has been very broken. We need a GE. She propped up the wealthy, and through the rest of us to the wolves. The damage has been done.

2022-10-22 13:51:08

Remember, on the bright side, we are only 2 prime ministers till Xmas

2022-10-22 16:49:40

Why is Robert Halfon backing an MP already rejected by the Tory party membership and the country at large to be PM. This is clearly an affront to the democratic system that this country prides itself on. MPs should remember they are elected to carry out the wishes of the electorate and not their personal agendas and having Rishi Sunak as a PM with no public mandate totally disregards public opinion. Mr Halfon should be wise to the fact that voters have long memories.

2022-10-22 23:17:36

you lot would moan no matter who was PM and those calling for boris to come back need their heads read

2022-10-22 23:19:53

how was rishi rejected by the country kennym i think you are dreamin

2022-10-23 21:38:31

While true democracy never really existed in this country. I am shocked that the powers to be no longer feel the need to pay lip service to it. We all loose as a result. Sh@tstorm ahead. Correction sh@tstorm here! There are no good outcomes anymore.

2022-10-23 22:16:50

Get ready for the coronation of His Majesty King Sunak tomorrow then I guess now that Boris has definitively ruled himself out.

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