Education: Government release progress statistics for Harlow senior schools

Education / Sun 23rd Oct 2022 at 07:43am

THE Department for Education has published its provisional key stage 4 school performance data.

All secondary schools are awarded a Progress 8 score based on the improvement made by students there between Key Stage 2 at the end of primary school and Key Stage 4, when they sit their GCSEs and other exams.

A positive score means they are making better than average progress compared with schools nationally, with a negative rating indicating the opposite.

The Government believes this ‘value added’ points system is a fairer reflection of a school’s performance than raw grades which fail to take into account what level pupils were at when they started their secondary school education.

They are listed in no particular order.

Some schools (SFG College)do not have a Progress 8 score as they have not been open long enough for this to be applicable.

With the deadline for parents submitting application forms for secondary schools looming, this may be a handy guide.

The full set of stats are below.


St Mark’s West Essex Catholic School

Passmores Academy

Mark Hall Academy

Stewards Academy

Burnt Mill Academy

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9 Comments for Education: Government release progress statistics for Harlow senior schools:

2022-10-23 08:44:34

I'm not convinced the EBacc is particularly important - but some of these Grade 5 and above in English and Mathematics statistics look depressing.

2022-10-23 09:41:47

Schools are forced to chase a national curriculum, destructive league table competitive rather than collaborative education system and a terminal examination system that was designed by old Etonian establishment for children who have a particular type of intelligence, able to cram and regurgitate facts, suited to "the professions" and upper middle class backgrounds and family traditions. It's not been appreciated by Parliament that there are many different kinds of intelligences and many other ways of teaching and learning. Schools are run and forced to teach on an ancient factory batch production and are not able to move into the 21st century, creativity has been eliminated in favour of drill, to teach children how to pass exams, a skill never used in any other life circumstance. Unfortunately, teacher training simply reinforces this whole approach. The consequences of the imposition of this system and OFSTED to ensure it's success over 40 years ago has been abject failure because will still don't have a high skill high wage economy, there's too few doctors, too few engineers, too few technology people and too few people to boost industry and commerce, the government being content to raid other countries rather than educate and train our own people. Let teachers teach, properly fund schools and take the brakes off education and reappraise: the 1960s and 70s were extremely progressive and talking to leading engineers at the time in our top companies, it was interesting to note most virtually all came through apprenticeships and industrial education routes. The National curriculum came in on the back of a mantra that teachers could not be trusted, ( it's still there hence the slating of teachers when the exam boards felt their income was threatened during COVID). The bottom line is that there are fantastic teachers in all of Harlow Schools and the measures presented by these statistics are far more a condemnation of an education system not suitable for the majority of students in Harlow and in fact not suitable for the majority of students in the country. If it was then we would, after 40 years have the high skills high wage economy politicians say what they are seeking.

2022-10-23 09:44:42

Typos: that they are seeking.🤣

2022-10-23 10:51:24

So one school in Harlow hits national averages, none exceed it? This says a lot about the quality of education and teachers in those schools. Perhaps the leadership should be fired for failing, maybe pay should be related to performance. Glad I made the decision to education mine privately - state schools set you up for a life of failure in this town

2022-10-23 13:19:03

Schools seem more interested in indoctrination than education in this country. They don’t teach the importance of education and they do not teach critical thinking, which are the foundations of all learning. It also does not help that some parents send 4/5 year olds to school that are not toilet trained and can only communicate by grunting.

2022-10-23 14:52:02

I was age six at the start of WW2 but consider I had a good education (including gardening & Woodwork/metalwork) and lived just 10 miles out from the city of London - Incidentally that was outside of Harlow! Harlow has improved, especially the college, but obviously has further to go. Like so many jobs, teaching is a profession and those that now teach are not always 'up to scratch'. That sems to be the problem. Well done Robert Halfon (and I'm not a Conservative!) for supporting apprenticeships over the years. Good education is now more vital than ever.

2022-10-23 21:29:35

So many schools now use unqualified staff to teach children. It's cheaper and means they employ more of them at the cost to our children's education. Academies are also not improving education but those at the top of them benefit greatly with large salaries and pensions while schools struggle to afford paper and glue.

2022-10-24 11:21:10

Phil, what teachers teach and even how they teach is hugely restricted and directed by the government and decision makers who send their own children to private less regulated schools. Over the last 40 plus years we have had the National Curriculum dictating what and OFSTED and the examination boards dictating how. It has not worked, the system dictates children are taught how to pass exams rather than be educated and the result is so bad that we don't have the high wage high skilled economy and in order to bridge the massive skills gap we raid other countries for educated and skilled workers. So kindly don't blame teachers, keeping the imposed system running and coping is immensely stressful and that's why there's a shortage of teachers and many are leaving the job: look to the government for change.

Autism Mum
2022-10-25 21:00:00

What a load of rubbish. My children are one of the reasons Passmores did so poorly in those figures, not because the school is rubbish, but because it is fantastic. They care about each child and not the scores. They put in a huge amount of time, effort, and resources into helping my children, they still are. They care about each child being the best they can be and not that child adding to outdated ratings. One of my children shouldn't have finished school but Passmores made that happen. It shouldn't be all about exam results.

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