Harlow Labour boss pushes for new Tory leader Rishi Sunak to call for general election

News / Mon 24th Oct 2022 at 04:27pm

THE LEADER of Harlow Labour has reacted to the news that Rishi Sunak is set to be the next prime minister by calling for a general election.

Councillor Chris Vince said: “So not only do we now have a Prime Minister whom the people of the UK haven’t voted for we also have a Prime Minister who the Conservative Party membership rejected only seven weeks ago.  There hasn’t even been a vote by Conservative MPs this time.  

“The faces of the 1922 committee of Conservative MPs celebrating their new leader really grated with me.  This isn’t a time to celebrate.  This is a time to worry about those people in our society and in our town who are will really struggle over the winter period.

Let’s not forget, Rishi Sunak was Boris Johnson’s right hand man, he is complicit in all of the failings and appalling behaviour that became the hallmark of that government. He only bailed out right at the end.

“Sunak failed the economy, failed to get a grip of inflation and has failed to help with the Tory cost of living crisis.  He also had a US green card when he was an MP and like his boss at the time Boris Johnson was fined for partying during lock down.  

“This government is well past its ‘sell by date’.

“We need a General Election!”

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12 Comments for Harlow Labour boss pushes for new Tory leader Rishi Sunak to call for general election:

John Smoleskis
2022-10-24 16:47:03

We do need an election but who will be the labour candidate? They need to be here now so Harlow people can gat to know. Don’t leave it too late and parachute a total stranger in.

2022-10-24 16:53:43

Chris Vince, when are you going to say something positive about Labour, particularly along the lines of" we have a great candidate who knows the area and has some great ideas". You never ever respond to that question (very few headliners do) that I, and others, have been asking for most of 2022 if not longer .

2022-10-24 17:37:20

Opportunist again.

2022-10-24 18:07:28

I'm not a Tory, but has Cllr Vince set out his vision for Harlow? Every article with his face on seems to be about something negative regarding the Conservatives.

2022-10-24 19:02:27

Does the Labour Party have any policies. If so why are they keeping them secret. No one will vote for labour if they don’t know what they will do if they get into power. I think we should have an election, because democracy has just been thrown in the bin, though I think they probably have the right person now, the process leaves much to be desired. But before we have an election you need at least 2 credible parties, which we seem to be lacking at the moment.

2022-10-24 21:23:56

Why do we need an election? This isn’t the USA and we don’t get to vote for a president. We voted for an MP for 5 years(ish) and the prime minister is the leader of the party with the most votes. Is it messy, yes. But do we have the right to chose the leader of the party? No, nor have we ever. We didn’t when Brown took over from Blair. It’s how it works…

2022-10-24 21:30:21

Some tangible Labour alternatives please, not so long ago you were peddling the lunacy of Corbin and his cronies. The Tory implosion does not necessarily a credible Labour alternative make. Nominated a viable local candidate, develop your policy… and then…. and only then, can the people of Harlow decide.

2022-10-25 09:02:10

Labour is out of date, Rishi will make a difference get over it

David Forman
2022-10-25 09:35:13

Chris Vince doesn't make a coherent argument for a Labour government. The Conservative Party has a 5-year mandate that started in 2019 and so demanding a general election is meaningless hot air.

2022-10-25 10:56:36

It’s funny that the tories have prime ministers coming out of their ears, yet labour can’t even find a candidate for Harlow

2022-10-25 11:32:42

Chris Vince you are just envious that we have a new PM who will surely make a difference and has promised to help the people of the UK the best it can without talking absolute nonsense which you are very good at. Moan about Liz truss we have gas, electric and water bills to expensive what was 60 pounds a month supposed to do? thats like 10% of my bill, you need to get your head out the clouds. Sunak will get this sorted I know british indians of his type and they are humble and respectable and keep there word, he will help the UK just as Boris did.

2022-10-25 22:05:47

It's a wait and see job methinks🤔

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