Harlow and Gilston Garden Town win Essex Housing Award

Business / Tue 8th Nov 2022 at 08:56am

HARLOW and Gilston Garden Town has been recognised with a 2022 Essex Housing Award.

Winners in the Building Garden Communities category, Harlow & Gilston’s vision for local transport was this year’s outstanding entry.

Residents can find out more about future transport in the local area by clicking here: https://hggt.co.uk/journey

The Garden Town’s plans include an emphasis on streets for people and healthy travel.

The awards, held at Greenwoods Hotel in Stock, recognise high-quality developments and services across Essex.

Speaking from the awards stage, HGGT Director, Naisha Polaine, said: “This means such a lot to me and for all the Garden Town team.

“It is a unique partnership of five council partners showing civic leadership at its absolute best.”

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7 Comments for Harlow and Gilston Garden Town win Essex Housing Award:

2022-11-08 09:27:29

So they get an award for having a vision, What's that choking Harlow with yet more traffic. Just another back slapping exercise on the network.

Kim Oconnor
2022-11-08 09:45:30

HGGT, preserving the Environment, loll .Tell that to the people who tried to save our river stork, from a 4 lane road going straight across it. Tell that to all the old trees that your ripping up, Tell that to all habitat s being destroyed, Tell that to the ecco systems being destroyed. Who hands out theses award s, who votes you to get it? Not the people that live here. All we see are unaffordable housing estates. 5000 people waiting on homes in Harlow.

2022-11-08 10:26:14

Civic leadership at its absolute best. More like Snouts in the Trough.

2022-11-08 11:04:31

Logg-rolling consultants patting each other on the back. What a bunch of parasites.

Nicholas Taylor
2022-11-08 11:06:26

We all know what this type of awards mean, higher house prices when built.

2022-11-08 13:47:56

Awarded by their backers, what a surprise! Greenwashing and whitewashing all in the same pot.

2022-11-09 15:07:55

Thanks to Harlow Labour for signing up to this venture in 2017 and confirming it with the Stort Crossing in their Dec 2020 Local Development Plan.

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