When are the £324 cost-of-living payments and energy rebates due?

News / Fri 11th Nov 2022 at 07:59am

From Tuesday, millions of people on low incomes get the second instalment of payments to help with their energy bills reports the BBC.

This is on top of the £400 discount on energy bills that all UK households are getting to help with sharply rising costs.

Who is getting cost-of-living payments?

Two payments totalling £650 are being made to more than eight million low-income households.

The first instalment of £326 was paid out between 14 and 31 July. The second instalment of £324 is being paid between 8 and 23 November. They are available to households who receive the following benefits:

  • Universal Credit
  • income-based Jobseekers Allowance
  • income-related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Income Support
  • working tax credit
  • child tax credit
  • pension credit

The payment reference on the recipients’ bank accounts will be their national insurance number, followed by “DWP COL”.

There are 1.1 million people who receive only tax credits, rather than any of the other benefits.

They will receive the second instalment between 23 and 30 November, straight into their bank accounts. The payment reference will be “HMRC COLS”. Their first payment was paid between 2 and 7 September.

People are not eligible for these payments if they receive New Style Employment and Support Allowance, contributory Employment and Support Allowance, or New Style Jobseeker’s Allowance – unless they get Universal Credit.

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3 Comments for When are the £324 cost-of-living payments and energy rebates due?:

Lynn O'Farrell
2022-11-11 19:18:21

Why am l not getting the £324 cost of living payment? I am a pensioner with pip because I am disabled and l ha e a very small private pension

2022-11-11 19:58:46

Still waiting for the voucher for energy. I’m finding it difficult to keep a top up on my meters.

P. Sellars.
2022-11-12 13:02:53

I am on state pension, born 1955 Am i going to receive the cost of living payment or not. Apart from the gas/electric free payment wat esle can i exspect. I am not on universal credit or tax credit.

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