Demolition works begin to clear the way for start of Harlow Town Centre regeneration scheme

Business / Sat 12th Nov 2022 at 07:32am

WORK began on Thursday on a major development by Strawberry Star in Harlow town centre.

Demolition commenced on site to make way for the first Star Living building, which will bring an initial 163 new apartments to the area once occupied by the underused Little Walk shopping parade and the Gate House office building.

The second phase – Harlow Quarter – which will see a further 578 apartments in a series of buildings, including two landmark 16-storey towers, plus flexible retail space and improved public realm, was given the go-ahead by planners at Harlow Council last month, subject to a Section 106 agreement. 

The commencement of work on site was witnessed by special guests, including Deputy Leader of Harlow Council and Portfolio Holder for Regeneration, Councillor Dan Swords, who joined senior members of Strawberry Star – Development Director Simon Taylor, Head of Construction Delivery Caroline Heraghty and Senior Director Global Sales, Marketing & CRM Cauvery Nanaiah for the event.

Simon Taylor said: “It’s exciting to see the bulldozers this morning and know that we are moving forward with this project to bring new life back into the heart of Harlow town centre. This project is not just about new homes, although they are desperately needed, it’s about creating an economic benefit for the whole community.

During the construction phase, we anticipate around 80 new jobs will be created, and the benefits will continue long after the builders have left. We ultimately expect more than 1,000 people will make their home in Harlow Quarter, spending their wages in the local economy and supporting shops, businesses and leisure activities to the tune of £8.9 million a year.”

The scheme has been designed to create a high standard of accommodation in attractive, well-designed buildings. This first phase of the development has been designed by sustainable architecture specialist HLM Architects, while the second phase of Harlow Quarter was created by award-winning architect Flanagan Lawrence, with towers intended to fit in with the town’s 1950s design legacy. When the latest phase was approved, planning officers praised the scheme: “The proposals would dramatically change and revitalise an underused and somewhat ‘run-down’ part of the town centre. General economic, environmental and visual regeneration changes are therefore very positive. The evolution of the proposals has resulted in a form of development that can contribute much to the overall regeneration of Harlow Town Centre.”

Councillor Dan Swords added: “Today is a hugely significant day for the future of Harlow. The regeneration of the town centre starts in earnest with Harlow Quarter which not only signals massive investment into our town centre, but will truly transform the area with high-quality apartments, architecture, and facilities. I am delighted to be on site today to witness the first steps being taken in the future of Harlow’s town centre.”

For more information about Harlow Quarter, please contact Strawberry Star on
0127 989 9060 or visit www.strawberrystar.co.uk/hq

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16 Comments for Demolition works begin to clear the way for start of Harlow Town Centre regeneration scheme:

Jo Revitt
2022-11-12 09:21:22

A bulldozer is the best thing that can happen to Harlow Town center. However the phrase sill purse and sows ear spring to mind. I hope I am proved wrong.

2022-11-12 09:36:13

"Underused Little Walk shopping parade"? Well of course it's underused, its been blocked off for the last few years. It was also a right of way.

Christine Wells
2022-11-12 09:48:38

What on earth is going to happen to our hospital and GP situation? We are already in dire straights. Do the planners not think or care?

Nicholas Taylor
2022-11-12 12:31:48

They are not houses Citizen, just the first phase in the building of a number of tower blocks the biggest 16 storeys high. Priority will be give to those that can afford them. The developers are looking for investors to buy them up and then let them out at Market rents. These developers and indeed Harlow Council have learnt nothing from history, residents living in blocks higher than 4 to 5 storeys have little if any interaction with those living higher, maintaining lifts has long term financial implications and of course there is the problem of windy conditions when many blocks are build in close proximity to each other. As for the new hospital, it is at least 8 years away. Having spent a few hours at PAH this week, seeing the queue out of the door at A&E and about 10 ambulances at the entrance it really makes you wonder how staff there ever cope with the demand.

Nicholas Taylor
2022-11-12 15:50:15

Citizen, Harlow Council will not be allocated any. This is a private development. I don't think any are even what is known as affordable homes. This is certainly the case in many of the other blocks that are going to be built in the town centre. The only block that may be built which will be Council owned are the ones which will replace Occasia House, and that is only if the Council are awarded the money they have sought from the Government to redevelop Playhouse Square.

2022-11-12 17:02:57

Absolute waste of time !

Nicholas Taylor
2022-11-12 18:22:02

None of these will be Council homes Citizen, they are a private development, one of many that will appear in the Town Centre in the next few years. Many blocks will not even have what are called 'affordable' homes. No car parking, little if any space for children to play.

2022-11-12 20:22:42

Knock down the entire town centre.

2022-11-12 22:27:43

Little Walk was one of the friendliest of Harlow shopping areas before being locked off. The development will do nothing for the town. Bad design, bad concept and won't do anything to help Harlow residents.

2022-11-12 22:30:14

The brutalist design of the town centre came out of a shortage of materials, a legacy that should have been dropped.

Kim Oconnor
2022-11-13 11:32:45

They learn NOTHING.

2022-11-13 19:52:59

This used to be a lovely little town......

2022-11-13 22:15:39

Sick to the stomach at looking at what this town has become.

Mr King
2022-11-17 14:52:01

This is NOTHING to do with our community or local residents, and everything to do with lining the pockets of private developers and the Council. Local people are already living in homes for the vast majority, and do not need people being imported to further stretch public services and amenities. How about creating a new community hub, with new children's play facilities, green areas and space for local businesses and independent shops?

2023-06-23 17:55:53

In that video what did that woman lean over and say to that man please?

2023-06-24 08:51:33

That video is insulting, the way these developers etc make everything sound so lovely. They are full of lies. That woman is almost smirking at us residents.she has no idea what she is tslking about and she says about getting to know the community lol, i can just imagine her going home to her big country home and laughing at us. All these people think about is the money and they do not care about the impact it had on us long term harlow residents.I dont know why she felt the need to lean over and say something to that man that she didnt want others to hear the silly woman, its an insult because she must have know it would be on video? She does not care about anything to do with all that building work other than the money.I find her behaviour in that video insulting to be honest. Treating us residents like fools the silly woman.

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