Public consultation begins for over 1,000 homes at Latton Priory

News / Mon 21st Nov 2022 at 03:22pm

PUBLIC consultation on plans for Latton Priory, one of the new neighbourhoods that will make up Harlow & Gilston Garden Town, has begun and will run until January 9 2023.

Located on the southern edge of Harlow but sitting within Epping Forest District Council’s boundary, Latton Priory is allocated for a minimum of 1,050 new homes.

Visit the consultation website here: www.lattonpriory.co.uk

As well as homes the site is set to provide community facilities including:

• New secondary school

• Primary school

• Nursery and pre-school facilities.

Land has also been set aside for employment opportunities for new, high quality jobs within the Garden Town.

The masterplan for Latton Priory features extensive green and blue infrastructure to promote biodiversity and sustainable drainage along with large Sustainable Alternative Natural Green Spaces to improve biodiversity and alleviate mounting pressure on the Epping Forest.

The masterplan has been drafted by the site developers and is currently being consulted on prior to a formal endorsement by EFDC.

Epping Forest District Council’s Cabinet Member for Place and a board member at HGGT, Nigel Bedford said: “Latton Priory is one of three sites within the proposed Harlow & Gilston Garden Town development that fall within the Epping Forest District Council boundary.

“Public comments, views and input will help shape the project as the masterplan framework is finalised, so I would urge local people to have their say before the closing date of January 9.”

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14 Comments for Public consultation begins for over 1,000 homes at Latton Priory:

2022-11-21 16:59:02

Have they not heard of Google forms? You have to print questionnaire, fill it in with pen or pencil, then scan and email it back. Then I assume some one will manually correlate the data. Where as if you had used Google forms( or similar) you could have the whole thing done online and get all the data analysed automatically. If HGGT cannot get something so basic right then I suspect the whole project has probably not been thought through. For a start, do they really think the Junction 7 and London road and rye hill road can handle an extra 1-2000 vehicles a day. These roads are gridlocked at rush hour already. Oh and good luck with the traveller camp!

2022-11-21 17:38:37

No more houses until a new hospital is built...

2022-11-21 17:53:00

www.lattonpriory.co.uk is blocked by my anti virus software. Is this a scam?

2022-11-21 18:12:54


2022-11-21 18:47:20

Are these the same promises made by the planners of Gilden park ie a school & medical centre on the site which miraculously have yet to even be started!! I heard the school wont be ready until 2024/25. Poor sods purchased their property on the understanding there would be these facilities available to them!! Oh & let's not mention the flooding issues & the air pollution!!

2022-11-21 19:23:56

This is the reality of HGGT and all their consultancy-speak about transit corridors across Harlow.

2022-11-21 19:32:30

Rasp: Spot on about the hospital, which needs to be up and running before a brick is laid on any new developments. As for the increase in traffic, the planners have no idea at all as to how the new housing will impact on the already gridlocked road system. I was under the impression that the new J7A would go a long way to sorting out the gridlocked roads we have on a daily basis in the town, but nothing has changed.

bobby bobbler
2022-11-22 05:08:49

need to start showing some proof-of-residence in Harlow (ie Harlow council tax payer) to use Harlow Council services as well

Kim Oconnor
2022-11-22 09:29:23

You say you want our feed back, buy I believe it wouldn't make any difference. 6,000 signatures to stop the bridge going over the river stort, and would of been a lot more, still people don't know about it. But it all fell on death ears. So what makes us think this input would be any different. None are council, we have over 5OOO on waiting list. You talk about wellbeing, when all your doing is taking the very thing that makes us feel better.. You talk about green spaces, while failing missserably to tell people the truth of the destruction. You can replace green spaces, but your destroying the ecco systems . while replacing the true nature, We need theses lands, as a flood break, if you keep concreting over theses lands we will flood. I could go on, but I know fed back means nothing. Until we get a grip on greed, we all know that this destruction will continue. So it's a big fat No, from me.

iain lindsay
2022-11-22 10:51:33

Bulldoze over this beautiful piece of land and fill it with the horrible cold war era buildings such as those in New Hall, of which hardly any will be affordable or for council tenants to pay rent on. And then stick a pikey site in it! The place will become a crime-infested dump pretty quickly, just like the redevelopment of the Town Centre. I remember growing up as a boy in the 70s in Harlow and it had everything you could want and was safe and clean. Sadly, that's all gone now.

2022-11-22 13:07:07

It doesn't matter how many people reject/oppose this as the Council won't listen. Its all about how much money can be made. The planners don't reside in Harlow so the overcrowded streets where there is little or no parking and the now completely gridlock roads will never affect them. Affordable housing??? Whats that then? The average person cant afford the mortgate or simply cant get one unless you take out a Government loan and a 40 x year mortgage. Edinburgh Way is a no go area these days made worse by the two additional stores ( Lidls and B&M)The infrastructure is a joke!!. The roads cannot cope with the amount of traffic. I could go on but my blood pressure could not take it. HARLOW COUNCIL- GET A GRIP!!!!

Staff Reporter
2022-11-22 13:56:53

It is Epping Forest District Council......

Kim Oconnor
2022-11-23 08:47:48

MW, You are spot on. They put theses huge stores in one place, why, the Edinburgh Road is a no go place. The road from there right up to Bush fair ,wk is gridlocked. No thought behind any of it.

Steve gale
2022-11-23 15:37:41

How are the roads and services going to cope , I walk in this area terrible there going to build on it , we wouldn’t need as many houses if we were not letting so many people in the country we wouldn’t need these houses , iam concerned about my grandchildren over building ,less green space , crowded schools , as for the bus/tram there planning on what a waste of money.

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