Nurses to strike for two days before Christmas

Health / Fri 25th Nov 2022 at 09:48am

NURSES in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are to strike for two days next month in what is set to be their biggest walkout in the NHS’s history reports the BBC.

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) announced strikes on 15 and 20 December in its pay dispute with the government.

Nurses will still provide emergency care, but routine services will be hit.

The RCN said it had been given no choice after ministers would not reopen talks, but the government said the 19% pay rise demanded was unaffordable.

RCN general secretary Pat Cullen said: “Ministers have chosen strike action.

“Nursing staff have had enough of being taken for granted, enough of low pay and unsafe staffing levels, enough of not being able to give our patients the care they deserve.”

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4 Comments for Nurses to strike for two days before Christmas:

2022-11-25 10:16:05

Lets support hard working people!!!!!@ Im with my all hart with them Healthcare in a hospitals are earning £10.90 per hour,and nurses- full time 32k BEFORE TAX !!!! That is so unfair, thats why we dont have staff and the one who are working are tired because short of staff and doing extra shifts to cope with cost of life. Working people should earn dissent money. Im wonder how much politics are earning?!!!! For doing nothing

Mr Grumpy
2022-11-25 11:51:37

Nurses perform absolute miracles under very harsh conditions. They are low paid and overworked, so I for one don't blame them for taking industrial action. You have my support 100%

David Forman
2022-11-25 14:03:49

Due to the Tories trade union laws the RCN ballot is based on each NHS Trust employer's bargaining unit it is not strictly a national ballot that brings all workers out by a simple majority. In each Trust the number of ballots cast has to exceed 50 per cent to be lawful. Furthermore, at least 40 per cent of those eligible to vote must vote for strike action. This explains why PAH in Harlow is not striking because it failed to achieve a 50 per cent turnout. See section 25 on page 10 of https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/594781/Code_of_Practice_on_Industrial_Action_Ballots_and_Information_to_Employers.pdf

2022-11-26 10:49:00

It’s a shame that nurses were not informed that they have to have at least 50% votes. I know multiple nurses who are pissed off they have been told they cannot strike despite them voting.

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