Harlow residents driven to distraction by high pitched ringing noise

News / Mon 5th Dec 2022 at 10:44am

LAST year, a number of Harlow residents told us they were being driven to distraction by a constant high pitched ringing noise.

The residents who were complaining lived on the west side to town. Residents in Katherine’s, Willowfield, Jerounds, Northbrooks, to name just a few, heard the sound.

Sometimes it was during the day but often at night, where the sound was amplified even more.

Harlow Council were contacted and they told us they did try but could not get to the source of the noise.

Recently, another resident contacted us and said they can hear the noise off Abercrombie Way.

If you know where the noise is coming from then please let us know as many residents are having sleepless nights.

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22 Comments for Harlow residents driven to distraction by high pitched ringing noise:

2022-12-05 11:05:18


Terry Elliston
2022-12-05 11:08:58

It sounds just the same as the noise I had from my gas boiler about 18 months ago. British Gas came out 4 times before they realised that it was caused by metal firrings trapped in a 'valve'. The whole time the heating was on it made this noise - could be heard from 100 yards away!

2022-12-05 11:42:21

Can hear it loudly in Hollyfield too.

2022-12-05 12:06:12

I'm pretty sure it's coming from a factory in the pinnacles - I can hear it in cannons brook- seems to come from that direction - there's a lot of big fans running outside units that sound pretty loud if you anywhere near

2022-12-05 12:12:55

Wrights flour at the Pinnacles, I reported this to enviro health in the summer as was fobbed off, It is at different times as they are a 24 manufacturing process and is worse in the summer evenings for us whilst trying to chill in the garden, Do Harlow enviro health not have a audio spectrum analyser or similar to get to the bottom of this, also comments on facebook going over 300.

Nicola McAlpine
2022-12-05 17:06:15

We can hear it loud and clear in Sumners

2022-12-05 17:58:26

Kingsland just opposite woodcraft the noise is super load sometime.. Strange to sag I though it was coming from someone’s garden but obviously it must be from a factory?

Daniel Knee
2022-12-05 21:02:14

I could hear it this morning over at the pinnacles

jeff turner
2022-12-06 10:44:46

we are in old harlow and to be fair we cant hear a thing

2022-12-06 13:58:42

I am in Spain & can't hear a thing.

Harlow Resident
2022-12-06 14:13:56

It's the sound of Nicholas Taylor, Kim O'Conner and Nostradamus repeating the same NIMBY comments again, and again, and again, and again....it's now just one long continuous whine.

2022-12-06 14:20:56

I can hear this loud as day over at potter street! I've gone walking for hours to try and find the noise. Every time the noise just seems to get further away! I can never seem to get to the bottom of it! Strange to know loads of other people can hear out. If it was a FACTORY or 5G then only a few people would hear the noise? If anyone lives near a 5G antenna please next time you hear it go outside and find the source of the noise! Don't just video it! Do what i did and just try and find where it's coming from.. It might take you hours but it's annoying LOADS of people.

Nicholas Taylor
2022-12-07 19:14:02

Well Harlow resident whoever you are, you are obviously not concerned about building on the Green Belt, providing homes for those who cannot afford to buy one, whose council home is in disrepair, public services stretched beyond breaking point, the trashing of the River Stort Valley, the destruction of the commercial greenhouses near Harlow, the poor state of the roads, the awful state of the public areas in housing estates, cycle tracks in a poor state, the delays in getting a new hospital .. the list goes on and on. We in the Harlow Alliance Party have answers to all of these problems, they are largely common sense and are well documented. It has nothing to do with being NIMBY.

2022-12-08 08:13:05

What are you even talking about Nicholas Taylor? You are obviously on the wrong story. As what you’re saying has NOTHING to do with the noise that people are hearing! This story is about a noise that loads off people are hearing!

Nicholas Taylor
2022-12-08 09:21:34

Tom, I was responding to the comment made by Harlow Resident, number 11 on the list of responses.

2022-12-14 21:57:42

I have heard that sometimes near Maunds Hatch. I thought it was someone's alarm.

2022-12-16 15:22:14

I have just heard it over kingsland! Sounds as tho it's coming from staple the area! Does anyone know what it is!

2022-12-16 16:01:16

Just heard it over woodcroft! Seems to start then stop but sounds very close!

2023-01-01 16:50:30

Today 1st January and the noise is the WORST it’s ever been! Has been going on for over 15 minutes. It’s actually making me feel sick with the headache it’s giving me. I honk in the last week it’s been really bad and woken me in the night several times. Surely someone must know what’s causing it?

2023-01-04 18:09:48

Really loud now over woodcroft!! What the hell is it! Does anyone know or are you all just ignoring it!

2023-01-04 18:14:16

And now it’s stopped just like that! Heard it near staple tye in the distance.. Your Harlow any comment on this?

Andrew travis
2024-03-21 20:55:28

Any ideas can hear it right now…. Staple tye area?

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