Burnt Mill Academy: Murder scene just a school drama event

Burnt Mill Academy / Wed 7th Dec 2022 at 08:28am

THE scene of a murder was discovered in a school – thankfully, it was just a fun evening of drama!

The murder mystery event saw students at Burnt Mill Academy, in Harlow, act out a scenario for their peers to guess who had committed the crime.

A crime scene – featuring a laid table, including a hidden gun and chalk outline – and evidence table were set up in the school’s drama studio.

Students, working in their school house teams, used an unsigned will, a love letter, a newspaper and a birthday card as evidence to help them work out the culprit.

Year 8 students and teachers played the parts of murder suspects, reading out statements and answering questions along the way.

Ella Brady, drama and music teacher and head of Cockcroft House, said: “We want to be as inclusive as possible for our house events and not just cater for one type of interest. So, we came up with something a little different.

“I had seen successful murder mystery type activities on online theatre groups and thought this would be great to bring to our school and engage a lot of students.”

Moore and Cheshire houses both guessed correctly that the victim’s ex wife was to blame for the killing.

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