Beautiful snowy scenes all across Harlow

Lifestyle / Mon 12th Dec 2022 at 02:03pm

THE SNOW seems to have caught us all by surprise when it came down on Sunday evening.

The schools have nearly all closed (Yes we know Vic!) and getting out of the side roads has been somewhat challenging.

The emergency services have ploughed on as well as council services (sort of).

But we thought we would take this chance to give you a round up of the snow pics sent to us from around the town.

Happy to add more photos. Just tell us the location please.

Telly Tubby Hill

It is almost as if Telly Tubby Hill in Newhall; was made for scenes such as these.

Tye Green Village

Sometimes it takes you a little while to recognise somewhere. Tye Green looks even more beautiful.

Little Grove Field

Thank you to Daniel and family for their photograph.

Church Road

There is something hauntingly beautiful about this scene near St Mary Magdalene Church in Potter Street.

The Stow

Three of our readers celebrated the snow falling with great style and panache.


The family that plays in the snow together.

East Park

One of the great things about the photos is the simple joy and fun that everyone is having.

Near Cooks Spinney

Lois and her children went for a long walk from the Town Park and across to Cooks Spinney woods.

Fir Park

You cannot get enough snowman pics and here we are over at Fir Park with a very fine snowman.

Church Langley

Another hauntingly beautiful photograph taken in Church Langley by the woods.

Or an aerial view of Church Langley full of neon and snow

Harlow Railway Station

Thank you to Angie for these special photographs near Harlow Railway Station.

Latton Street

The cycle track that takes you up to Miller and Carter.

Waterhouse Moor

Thank you to Nishall from #BigUpHarlow for this snowy pic from Waterhouse Moor

The Water Gardens

The car park looking eerily quiet. We are sure they will make up for it and it will be packed once more for Christmas. Thanks to Jake Shepherd.

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5 Comments for Beautiful snowy scenes all across Harlow:

Bruce Downey
2022-12-12 15:18:13

The eerie view from potter st, emenates from the closed, haunted White Horse..😱

peter henegan
2022-12-12 16:12:51

Good stuff YH

Bruce Downey
2022-12-12 19:14:32

Telly tubby hill, lol what a great nickname for a beautiful man made hill perfect for fun.🏂☃️

Pauline S
2022-12-12 21:43:47

I've lived in Harlow for 27 years and never seen so much snow. Previously I lived just outside greater London but also in Essex and we often had thick snow some years, so just another proof that climate change is genuine! Yes it was good to see the pictures - thanks.

2022-12-13 10:40:14

2-3 years ago we had similar amount of snow fall on 2 occasions that winter, how on earth is climate change responsible for this snow, you get mild winters they blame climate change you get cold winters they blame climate change, you can't have it both ways, this is normal winter weather

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