Schools shut and travel chaos as snow and ice grip Harlow

News / Mon 12th Dec 2022 at 07:42am

THIS is our round up of school closures, traffic and travel reports. Important messages from Harlow Council, Essex County Council, Princess Alexandra Hospital and many more.

Special mention to Mrs Fox at Jerounds Primary Academy, who rallied the family around to help make the school safe.


1000 hrs

Main roads such as the A414 from Hastingwood to Clock Tower seem to be clear and running smoothly.

0930 hrs

❄️❄️ Monday 12th December ❄️❄️

Due to the snowy weather and unsafe road conditions, the Harlow Playhouse will be closed today, Monday 12th December 2022.

We plan to open as scheduled tomorrow, with performances going ahead as planned.

For further information, please keep an eye on our social media throughout the day.

0830 hrs

RESIDENTS have woken up to snowy conditions in Harlow after snow fell and settled in the town and surrounding areas on Sunday evening.

It doesn’t look like any more snow is going to fall but temperatures will remain close to zero for the rest of the day.

**Police** have advised to only travel if necessary due to the possible snow and ice on the roads – if you have to make a journey please reduce your speed and make extra time

We will update this page as information comes in.

Schools Shut

Some Harlow schools have been forced to close this morning after snow fell overnight. There are a large number of primary and secondary schools that have had to shut for safety today.

Click below for a full list across the county.


Sir Frederick Gibberd and William Martin Juniors are shut.

St Mark’s West Essex Catholic School

Mark Hall Academy

Stewards Academy

Cooks Spinney Primary

Abbotsweld Primary

Fawbert and Barnard Primary

Hare Street Community Primary School and Nursery

Harlow Fields School and College

Holy Cross Primary

Katherines Primary Academy

Kingsmoor Academy

Latton Green Primary Academy and Nursery

Longwood Primary Academy

Matching Green

Milwards Primary School and Nursery

Nazeing Primary School

Newhall Primary

Ongar Academy

Pear Tree Mead Academy

Roydon Primary School

St James’ Church of England Primary School,

Tany’s Dell Primary School and Nursery

Harlow College and Stansted Airport Colleges Campus’s will be closed due to the weather conditions.

For students, work will be set online.

Traffic and Travel

Gritting information

HTS will continue to be out gritting priority pavement and public areas across #Harlow🦺

The main roads in Harlow are gritted by Essex Highways 🛣️


Priority areas for gritting include:

🛍️ Town Centre including the Bus Station

🏥 Doctors surgeries and health centres

🏠 Supported housing complexes

💕 Leah Manning Centre

💒 Access roads to Parndon Wood Crematorium

🛍️ Neighbourhood shopping centres and hatches

🐖 Pets’ Corner

🏢 Latton Bush Centre

🚑 Ambulance station

🚒 Fire Station

Arriva Bus Services

All services running but with delays and some alterations to routes as follows temporarily due to safety issues:

Harlow Route 4 not serving Rundells

Harlow Route 9 not serving Newhall

Harlow Route 6 not serving the hospital.

Advice from Essex Fire Service

Lots of roads are affected by snow across Essex, if you don’t need to travel, please don’t. If you do have to make an essential journey, please make sure you:

Adjust your driving for the conditions

Reduce your speed

Increase your braking distance

Heathrow and Gatwick also cancelled or delayed flights after snow, ice and freezing fog swept the UK.

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14 Comments for Schools shut and travel chaos as snow and ice grip Harlow:

Kim Oconnor
2022-12-12 08:54:41

Why on earth weren't gritters out last night doing all roads, we all knew the weather was bad, we all knew by forecast it was going to snow. ???????????

For your ice only
2022-12-12 09:04:39

Hi Kim, I need the road to be plowed before I grit. Gritting on top of snow will not do anything.

Russell kemp
2022-12-12 09:50:42

Total chaos as always council always have same excuse they knew the snow was coming !!!!!!!!!!! But did NOTHING A414 ridiculous M11 shambles I had to abandon my car so did many others where were the gritters !!!!!!!!!!!

Russell kemp
2022-12-12 09:55:00

Ok so if you have to plough the roads first then why NO ploughs on the roads !!!!!!!!!!!! Poor excuse Council knew the snow was coming so WHY no gritters in the 1st place !!!!!!!! No Excuses !!!!!

2022-12-12 10:45:51

LOL everyone now moaning because it snowed.. It's winter that's what happens.. Let me guess the people that moaned in the summer saying it was TO HOT are now saying it's TO COLD

Russell kemp
2022-12-12 11:09:25

Yes we all know it’s possible to snow in the winter “Dummy” it’s the lack of preparation that we are complaining about !!!!!!!! And I don’t complain it’s hot in the summer either !!!!!!!!

2022-12-12 11:46:56

Kim O'connor moans about everything , it's winter deal with it, gritting does nothin when it snows heavily like last night

2022-12-12 12:07:44

Usual arm-chair general's who know nothing about the logistics involved d clearing their expertise. :)

2022-12-12 12:08:54


2022-12-12 12:19:58

There was at least 1 snow plough (tractor with snow plough attachment) out at about:5:30 today. I saw it. Also many main roads were gritted at that time. Obviously many side roads were not, but a414 was usable slowly. Thanks to all those who helped to clear what they could in difficult conditions.

Richard Adams
2022-12-12 14:26:34

Let’s be clear on who is supposed to do what rather than “the council” Motorways and trunk roads blame the Highways Agency Main Roads and bus routes blame Essex County Council Harlow Council doesn’t have to do anything but does try to do Drs Surgeries. Oap homes and some of the shopping centres. From what Ive seen most of the main roads were running well by 10.00 am this morning. So thanks to those people who were out early this morning gritting and salting.

2022-12-12 16:46:13

One evening of snow, yes ONE evening😲 Schools have had their 5mm measuring stick out, shopping hatches unable to get in, or out. One evening of snow😲😲

Auric Coldfinger
2022-12-12 16:48:05

Russell Kemp!!!!!!!!! Me and my other gritters are working hard. There are only so many of us about. The snow fell a lot earlier and a LOT heavier than was expected.

Kim Oconnor
2022-12-13 09:20:05

MIKE , I don't know you, you don't know me. Stop trying to trip me up , your allowed your very own opions, and I'm allowed mine.

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