Please don’t let them spend another Christmas without a family

News / Fri 23rd Dec 2022 at 05:08pm

RSPCA staff in the East of England have put out a special plea for six dogs – many who face spending their second Christmas in kennels because they still haven’t found a family to call their own.

The heartbreaking appeal comes as staff hope for a Christmas miracle to find these poor pooches a forever home, some of whom have been in RSPCA care for almost 500 days.

RSPCA pet welfare expert Dr Samantha Gaines said: said: “While it’s always sad when any animal takes a while to rehome, our hearts just break for our long stay dogs especially knowing some now face their second Christmas in kennels.

“These dogs have already been through so much in their little lives and as such they do require the most special of homes.

“Our staff know that these dogs all deserve a second chance – and that once they are in a home environment they will thrive and become part of the family. But time and time again they get overlooked and it just makes us so sad to see them all still waiting. As another Christmas draws near we hope that this time they will all have their own little festive miracle.”

Anyone who is considering offering a home to a rescue is urged to consider some of the wonderful long stay dogs in the RSPCA’s care. More information on all rescues pooches with the charity can be found on their find a pet pages

Dogs include little Cody – who was recently rehomed – but sadly it didn’t work out and he’s now back in the care of  RSPCA Suffolk Central’s Martlesham Animal Home and facing his second Christmas in kennels. 

Cody has already been in two homes before coming into RSPCA care and has now spent more than 450 days patiently waiting for a family to call his own.

The RSPCA is  also hoping to find a forever home for sweet Zena who has never lived in a home before or – before coming into the charity’s care – had even been on a walk.

Zena came into the care of RSPCA Danaher Animal Home in Essex, four months ago – but hasn’t had one person come forward to show interest in adopting her.

She’s a German Shepherd and only around 10 months old but she has not had any exposure or experience of the big wide world.

Now staff at the centre are making a desperate plea to help find Zena a forever home – just in time for Christmas.

Five year-old Ruby, a brindle coat Staffie is coming up to her 450th day at the animal charity’s Block Fen Animal Centre, but has so far not had a single enquiry.

Sally Jones, RSPCA Block Fen manager said:  “Ruby’s a bright dog with lots of energy, and as she approaches her second Christmas in our care, it’s heart-breaking that she still doesn’t have a forever home to go to.

“While she does have some behavioral issues, her handlers here love her! We know there’s got to be someone out there who’s the right fit. So we’re appealing for experienced dog lovers to come forward who could potentially give Ruby loads of love and commit time to working with her on a specially-designed behavioral plan.”

Sweet golden oldie Lucie, who has been waiting almost nine months for her home, came into RSPCA care in April severely underweight at just 8kg (17.6lb) and was petrified of the lead. But thanks to the gentle patience of staff at RSPCA West Norfolk she now loves going on her daily walks.

Another golden oldie is ten-year-old German Shepherd-cross Jake who has been described as ‘everybody’s best friend’ – and is looking for a home after almost two years in kennels.

He was taken in by the RSPCA’s Birmingham Animal Centre in the West Midlands before being transferred to Southridge Animal Centre, in Hertfordshire, when his owners’ circumstances changed and they could no longer take care of him.

Manager Anna White said: “Jake is a sweet, affectionate boy who can be nervous around new people. He sometimes barks at unfamiliar people but, once he gets to know you, he loves a fuss and will even nudge you for strokes if you dare to stop giving him attention!

“He really is everybody’s best friend here at Southridge and over the years he’s been with us we’ve fallen in love with him. But he’s been waiting far too long for his forever home and we’re desperate to find him his perfect match.”

And finally – do you think you have room in your heart for Pip? She’s a six year old Pointer cross breed who has been in RSPCA care since March 2021. She’s a special little girl who really deserves a good understanding home where she will thrive. She’s now sadly one of the longest stay dogs at RSPCA Blackberry Farm in Buckinghamshire.

As the current cost of living crisis is engulfs the nation, vulnerable animals risk being overlooked. With more people struggling, the RSPCA is expecting more animals to be neglected and abandoned by owners who can no longer afford to care for them. But with fuel and energy costs rising, the cost of rescuing and caring for animals continues to increase too.

Please don’t let animals pay the price of the cost of living crisis this Christmas. To Join the Winter Rescue and help RS{CA rescuers be there for the animals in need, please visit the charity’s website

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