Harlow MP Robert Halfon welcomes PM Rishi Sunak’S Five Point Plan

News / Fri 6th Jan 2023 at 09:11am

MEMBER of Parliament for Harlow and the villages, Robert Halfon, has welcomed the Prime Minister’s five priorities for the Government in the new year which address the biggest concerns of Harlow people. 

Since taking office, says Mr Halfon, Rishi Sunak has stabilised the economy, protected mortgages and provided an additional £26 billion in cost of living support; strengthened ties with allies all over the world to improve national security, tackle illegal immigration and support Ukraine; and, invested billions in building new schools, hospitals and regenerating our local communities. 

But recognising that more must be done to rebuild trust and confidence, the Prime Minister has made five promises to the people of Britain:

  1. Halve Inflation. By halving inflation this year, hard working people will save money on everything from their weekly shop to their energy bills, easing the cost of living and giving everybody financial security. 
  2. Grow the Economy. Growing the economy is vital to create better-paid jobs and opportunities for people right across the country, including in Harlow, and a new plan to boost numeracy skills means school leavers will have the right skills to access good jobs. 
  3. Reduce the national debt. To protect our public services, including the NHS and the social care sector, we must reduce our national debt. Cutting debt will see greater investment in all areas, including health, education and policing. 
  4. Cut NHS waiting lists. The NHS is our greatest national treasure. By cutting waiting times, people all across the country will be able to access high-quality care more quickly, saving lives and prioritising patients. 
  5. Stop small boat crossings to end illegal immigration. Illegal immigration imposes a significant burden on public services. New legislation will end the small boat crossings in the English Channel and ensure that anybody arriving illegally in the UK will be detained and swiftly removed.

Commenting on the announcement, Mr Halfon said, “The Prime Minister is right to refocus the Government on what really matters to people in Harlow and across the country. I wholeheartedly support the Prime Minister’s five priorities, which will build a better Britain for Harlow people.

“By delivering these promises, children will leave school with vital skills in numeracy to make sure they can access the opportunities created by a growing economy and climb the ladder of opportunity. Investment in health and social care will cut waiting times, improve access to care and protect the NHS for generations to come. And new legislation will end illegal immigration and reduce the burden on our public services. 

“His pledge to halve inflation will go further to help people by cutting the cost of living and growing the economy will mean more money can be invested into public services, ensuring that Harlow and the UK can truly be an aspiration-nation.”

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7 Comments for Harlow MP Robert Halfon welcomes PM Rishi Sunak’S Five Point Plan:

gary roberts
2023-01-06 09:50:18

What about the detail Mr. Halfon: where is it? I could pledge that today is Friday and it is raining and that West Ham United will win the league before I leave this place but without any idea of how to do it sadly. Inflation and debt down but that was caused by your government and any decent economist was predicting that pledge last year. How about reducing NHS waiting lists: How will that happen with massive vacancies and junior doctors' about to vote for possible strike action. In short headlines for the press without any substance. Describes your government perfectly.

2023-01-06 09:59:57

Halfon is a party animal he would welcome Sunak saying anything. Aspiration nation what a joke the Tories have destroyed that 1. You cannot tackle inflation by printing money and spending it like we are the government needs to learn to live within it means 2. You cannot grow the economy when you have the highest tax load every, these need slashing 3. The national debt can be reduced by stopping spending on pointless thing like HS2, Net Zero, Covid Response, etc get 50% of public sector fired. make all schools private. 4. The NHS is not a national treasure it is a national disgrace, it gets 40% of all taxes and needs reform we need to get it off its pedestal and start reforming it and its lazy staff 5. Accept those with a valid case, and deport those who do not it is simple

Kim Oconnor
2023-01-06 10:10:37

12 years of cuts, two people doing 3 people s work, it has to come to a head at some point, cuts to all aspects. And now he wants to shut people down, so they don't have a voice, I don't think that will bow well for him at all , it's not the right time to be thinking of a law to shut people down.. it's time to talk, with unions, not to ignore them. His speech lack of substance, no details at all.

2023-01-06 15:00:23

Tories out!!!!

2023-01-06 16:13:40

Stop the illegals crossing in dinghies costing this country’s taxpayers £ billions. It is a disgrace. If they don’t deal with this mess, it will be time to bring back Nigel Farage.

2023-01-06 20:27:00

1.Halve Inflation. - predicted to happen anyway. Hard to fail, but I bet Rish! will have a good go at it. 2.Grow the Economy. Every government should and does say this. Why does it need to be said? I guess this was not a priority for the last 13 years. 3.Reduce the national debt. See 2 above. 4.Cut NHS waiting lists. If they had invested in the NHS for the last 13 years, we wouldn't be in this situation. 5.Stop small boat crossings to end illegal immigration. Every attempt to appear tough on "illegal immigration" has been a costly failure. So what new policies will be enacted? Will it be more failed and costly policies just to appease the right-wing headbangers? And if it is only to stop "illegal immigration" will asylum seekers still be let through? So that's 5 meaningless promises from Rish!. Just as well there's nothing else to worry about, like more strikes and industrial action than has been seen for decades. Or the greatest use of food banks ever. Or the fact that some are paying huge rents to live in mould ridden houses, and dying because of it.

2023-01-06 20:40:01

https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/exclusive-rishi-sunak-accused-quietly-editing-one-of-pm-promises_uk_63b844f4e4b0d6724fc39a07 From the story above, it appears that RH 'welcomes' the quietly edited version of the pathetic promises made. Why does he not welcome the original version? Does he not have any confidence in his government that NHS waiting lists will fall by March, and he is happy with the promise that they will fall eventually? If RH doesn't have confidence in his government, in any way whatsoever, he should be calling for a General Election.

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