Director of Hip Hop Pop reflects on Harlow Playhouse Panto triumph!

Entertainment / Mon 9th Jan 2023 at 04:32pm

THE CREATIVE director of Hip Hop Pop has reflected on the last two months working on the Harlow Playhouse pantomime, Cinderella.

Jen Bater-Sinclair said: “What an eight weeks it’s been! It’s a wrap on our stint at Harlow Playhouse in #harlowpanto#cinderella and we couldn’t be more proud!

Pre-pandemic when we were first asked by writers Ben and Dan ( KD Theatre Productions) and artistic director Rory to feature in Cinderella. We felt so grateful to be trusted with a part in what is such a prestigious annual event and professional show. Of course the pandemic put the brakes on the project….. until 2022!

With Ben and Dan’s vision for the piece, I got to work on creating the building blocks of the number and we brought in Glen, AKA Pulse of Twist and Pulse ( Twist and Pulse) to mix the music for our vision, and if you saw the show, we think you’ll agree, it was an epic piece of music!

“I got to work on the choreography and three weeks before opening night the team of seven Hip Hop Poppers (@alishamargetson @drewhampson1 @summermawdsley @jazharvey_x @laura_clearyx @court_twiner_ @megannsalmonx , with 2 covers @jadehall and @meglouisetaylorr (as well as Vic and I prepping as emergency covers), came in for rehearsals and worked so hard, not only learning a new set relatively quickly but learning many tracks (meaning multiple parts), intense stuff!

Finishing touches were made when I got to work with the talented ensemble (@archie.bennett @jeddbeattie @ryanlay__ @natasha__middleton @aliceolby @charlottejaneperryy) to build our HHP number into a bigger affair and finally and the cherry on the cake, was working with Ben (writer and also playing Buttons) to feature in the second half of the piece.

It was Ben’s first idea back in 2020 to bring in HHP and also dance with HHP for a few seconds.. little did he know how much we was going to get him to do!

“If you saw the show you’ll know just how much Ben nailed it! If you didn’t see it, know this… Beginner to all things street dance. Ben learnt moves and techniques that are of a more advanced level in just a few weeks, he performed the moves with so much energy and passion front and centre, and received, every show, a well-deserved a volumous applause! Ben’s work ethic and attitude to learning is inspiring! If you saw Ben’s status today, you’ll know – he is dancing proof of what you can achieve if you put your mind to it!

December 1st was opening night and we were off! The team have performed, in multiple combinations, in what will be 60 shows by last curtain on Sunday evening. The team have worked so hard every day, not only on stage but backstage too, there’s a lot of discipline involved, in not only the time on stage but the waiting and the prep backstage, they have represented HHP brilliantly. What an experience for the team, for those new to the pro stage it’s been an incredible life experience, and for those of the team who are well versed on the professional stage, it’s been a great way to broaden their skills and experiences.

A few others we must mention: Claire (@cc_slater), choreographer of the panto, thank you for putting your trust in us creating our own piece and being so wonderful to work with, what an incredible job you did of the show!

To the ensemble – thank you for bringing so much energy and enthusiasm to since day 1 of rehearsal. To Glen of Pulse Soundtracks ( @pulsesoundtracks ), it’s been a pleasure working with you again on a track, you always bring something fresh to the table.

Thank you to the Playhouse and KD team, especially those we’ve worked more closely with; the 2 Emilys… (@emilyvictoriapb and @emilyobasohan ) what a tight ship you run!

I’m an organisation-head and it’s satisfied my organisation-needs and been so comforting personally to see such a slick production run.

Thank you to all the cast for being so welcoming wow what a talented group of humans you are!

And lastly thank you to EVERYONE who came to watch the panto, especially those who cheered, whooped and clapped their hearts out, for us and the rest of the cast.

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