Teaching union boss writes to Robert Halfon “we are not all communists”

Education / Wed 18th Jan 2023 at 10:05am

THE CHAIR OF a teaching union has written to all Essex MPs including Harlow MP Robert Halfon to explain why they are going on strike.

Close to 2,000 teachers in the West Essex area are members of the union (some 8,000 in Essex).

The letter by Murray Sackwild to the MPs is reprinted below.

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3 Comments for Teaching union boss writes to Robert Halfon “we are not all communists”:

2023-01-18 10:47:50

To add, there's a common theme about strikes today underfunded services, overloaded staff, poor resources and then to add insult to injury massive real money pay cuts. No wonder that doctors and nurses emigrate and new teachers generally burnout after about about 5 years. Governments have responded by simply recruiting from countries that can ill afford to lose qualified people rather than putting our own house in order.

David Forman
2023-01-19 12:16:37

Growing up the son of a Dagenham car worker I can testify that pay and conditions greatly improved when Communists were elected to the leadership of the Amalgamated Engineering Union in Fords in the late 1960s. The Catholic Action lobby dominated the unions in Fords prior to this and they were grovelling to management. I would suggest the teachers would fair a lot better if more Communists were in leadership positions of their union.

David Forman
2023-01-19 12:32:04

Kelvin Halpin was one of the few Communist convenors in Fords Dagenham. Management were kept on their toes. You can read his autobiography 'Memoirs of a Militant: Sharply and to the Point' available from: https://amzn.eu/d/81jhBjo

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