Planning Inspectors overturn decision and grant planning permission for 5G mast in Church Langley

Business / Sat 28th Jan 2023 at 07:09am

PLANNING permission has been granted for a 5G mast in Church Langley.

In February 2022, Harlow Council refused planning permission for the mast on Church Langley Way at Ashworth Place (see news article below).

However, an appeal by the applicants to the Planning Inspectorate has been successful.

Amongst the reasons given to grantees permission are:

  1. Although the proposed development would result in some harm to the character and appearance of the surrounding area, it is necessary to balance these adverse effects against any benefits that may exist.
  2. It has been highlighted that there is a particular need for proposed telecommunications equipment in the surrounding area in order to address existing shortfalls in network coverage. Therefore, the proposed development would generate benefits to residents and businesses in the form of increased availability and reliability of electronic communications. This approach is supported by the Framework, which at Paragraph 114 states that advanced, high quality and reliable communications infrastructure is essential for economic growth and social well-being.
  3. In addition, the Framework also states that planning decisions should support the expansion of electronic communications networks. This includes next generation mobile technology.
  4. Given the nature of the proposed development, the development would support the delivery of improved telecommunications infrastructure. This is a matter to which I ascribe a significant amount of weight.
  5. Furthermore, it has also been demonstrated that there is a limited number of locations in the surrounding area that could accommodate the proposed development in a less harmful manner. Therefore, if the development will not come forward in this location, there is a reasonable likelihood that the aforementioned benefits would not be realised owing to the lack of reasonable alternatives. This would mean that such benefits would be lost.
  6. In consequence, the proposed development would be in conformity with Policy IN5 of the Harlow Local Development Plan (2020). Amongst other matters, this seeks to ensure that appropriate evidence has been provided to show that opportunities have been explored to share existing masts or sites with other providers.

Church Langley councillors, Simon Carter, Andrew Johnson and Nicky Purse have written to Harlow MP Robert Halfon with a number of concerns.

They stated

The Inspector, Benjamin Clarke BA (Hons.) MSc MRTPI, failed to take into account various errors in the planning application, namely:

  • The confusion as to where the application was being made, referring the ‘London Plan’ and quoting an incorrect post code for the location of the mast;
  • Failing to consult widely enough where there are schools within 400 metres of the location of the mast, namely Henry Moore School which is only 200 metres away, contrary to the requirement of the NPPF;
  • Failing to notice that the applicant lied in stating there were no schools in the location;
  • Failing to notice the lack of an Environmental Impact Assessment in the application;
  • Failing to consider the absence of mast sharing or alternative sites, contrary to the NPPF.   There is, of course, the water tower which is host to a variety of aerials already, or the more suitable location of the Kao Enterprise Park, host to a growing number of small businesses where 5G might more essential;
  • Failing to observe that Church Langley is already served by high speed broadband, meeting the test set out in para 114 of section 10 of the NPPF concerning high quality communications infrastructure.  There are no commercial premises in Church Langley and if there were, their communication needs are already met through high speed broadband running past their premises.
  • Failing to highlight the benefit to domestic users of 5G over 4G networks and the need for additional 5G coverage in Church Langley over and above the existing 4G coverage and availability of high speed broadband;
  • Failing to notice the lack of an Environmental Impact Assessment in the applicatio
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12 Comments for Planning Inspectors overturn decision and grant planning permission for 5G mast in Church Langley:

Bruce Downey
2023-01-28 07:22:22

NIMBY, attitude..YES in your back yard!

2023-01-28 07:43:25

Why not place it on the common or down by the water tower not unsightly then, or bothering anyone. Backhanders and lies

2023-01-28 08:51:41

At least people will have a better reception on their phones,to do Wordle etc when stuck in the daily jam trying to leave Church Langley,or to call for help after hitting a pothole on our excuse for roads.

2023-01-28 09:03:33

Come and see the hideous 5G installation on Howard Way at The Stow opposite Nuffield House, it's a great welcoming sign for the shops!

2023-01-28 10:11:16

If Church Langley suffers from not having a 5G mast but the majority of residents (as indicated by the representations of our Cllrs ) then there's pressing no need to install one in the midst of the community. It's called local democracy: obviously something a tax dodging incompetent government doesn't understand as the country goes to hell in a handcart. For Government inspectors read "dictatorial government enforcers". 4Gs good enough. Whereas if business needs 5G, as pointed out there's plenty of space in the business park, on the top of the Water Tower and or on the side M11. Also there's plenty of capacity underground to fibre optic cope with demands and if necessary technology in residential areas that could be developed to make lamposts into very safe local low intensity level transmitters, however sticking a massive high intensity 5G transmitter next to a school is a cheap solution that helps the companies make more profit so obviously the government's favoured solution.

Kim Oconnor
2023-01-28 10:17:29

Absolutely nosradamus.

Bruce Downey
2023-01-28 10:33:14

Kim, you keep leaving the t out..are you having a laugh?

2023-01-28 12:26:41

Leaving it out Bruce, especially if you have no rational contribution.

2023-01-29 09:21:01

Overturned by inspectors who do not live here. Always the same😠

Kay Archer
2023-01-29 13:31:41

Yes, this whole debacle ‘stinks’. 1. There were other possible sites but no detail given …to planning inspectorate anyway. Benjamin Clarke , the govt. appointed inspector didn’t even look into this, it appears. 2. Why was this sham of an appeal not immediately thrown out for it’s flawed nature? 3. How can we trust a company that can submit an appeal such as this ( full of inaccuracies etc.) to self regulate the levels of EMF ..radiation affecting our children?

2023-01-29 13:44:45

Yes, this whole debacle ‘stinks’. 1. There were other sites identified but not supplied… to the inspector anyway. Benjamin Clarke, the govt. appointed inspector didn’t even look into this. 2. Why wasn’t this hugely inaccurate appeal not thrown out immediately? Another example of the lack of integrity in big business/ govt. 3. How can we trust a company, who can submit an application/ appeal such as this, be trusted to self regulate the level of EMF… radiation affecting our children. It’s so close to a school! R Halfon, Schools’ minister should be doing something about this. 4. There’s a judicial review,re 5G safety, at the high court( Secretary of State summoned) ( Michael Manson QC .. Grenfell justice) on Feb 6/7th . So much non industry funded, 5G research by scientists, doctors, oncologists, environmentalists being completely ignored and not covered by the media! Why?

Adam Harris
2023-02-16 08:31:22

Finally! Everyone wants to have smartphones but nobody wants the infrastructure to support it! Bring on the masts!

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