Passmores Head Vic Goddard: Striking for the future of education

Education / Tue 31st Jan 2023 at 04:42pm

THE upcoming strikes are a complex issue for all teachers including headteachers. To be honest, it is a disgrace that two other unions didn’t reach the recently imposed (2016) minimum response level and this leaves the members of the NEU standing up for many more people than belong to it. 

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5 Comments for Passmores Head Vic Goddard: Striking for the future of education:

Luke Burton
2023-01-31 19:58:05

It's time this country took education seriously. It is one of the best ways to improve social mobility and dear god does Harlow need it.

David Morris
2023-02-01 02:05:38

13 years of cuts to funding the public sector have lead to a major crisis in Education. The shambolic points system was a way of installing algorithms that by appearance schools were competing for better funding but the alleged better run schools were getting less funding than all schools would get across the board, if not for the cuts.

Dan Long
2023-02-01 21:06:26

You and your teachers want to try and live on the wages me and my wife earn between us. You head teachers and teachers are on enough money to get through the month, if you or your teachers can not get through a month on what you all earn then you all must be doing something wrong, when it comes to spending and budgeting.

Dan Long
2023-02-02 08:33:28

Who ever that is, who is making out to be me. Get your facts right be making stories up about other people. I do not vote for Tories, Labour or The Liberal democrats. Especially Labour.

2023-02-02 14:37:42

2 Dan Longs? As if the country wasn't in a bad enough state!

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