Schools across Harlow shut as staff go on strike

Education / Wed 1st Feb 2023 at 07:31am

TEACHERS in the NEU union are walking out in England. The union says more than 100,000 teachers could take part, affecting 23,000 out of around 26,000 schools.

Schools across Harlow will be closed today.

There is a picket line of twenty or more outside Burnt Mill Academy on First Avenue.

NEU members are striking in pursuit of an above-inflation pay rise, funded by the government rather than out of existing school budgets. The value of teachers’ salaries has fallen over the past decade, resulting in a recruitment and retention crisis in schools. According to the Institute for Fiscal Studies, senior teachers have experienced a 13% real-terms drop in salaries between 2010 and 2022, equivalent to a £6,600 pay cut reports The Guardian.

The government announced last summer that most teachers would receive a pay rise of about 5%, with starting salaries up by 8.9%, but with inflation in double digits, NEU members have rejected the offer and voted for strike action.

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8 Comments for Schools across Harlow shut as staff go on strike:

2023-02-01 08:43:24

Fine every single teacher for each kid not able to attend, the schools do it to the parents. What is good for the goose is good for the gander

peter henegan
2023-02-01 09:04:03

Some pupils are on strike at Bishops Stortford High School.

David Forman
2023-02-01 14:44:38

May the teachers win a decent pay rise. They certainly deserve it

2023-02-01 15:08:56

David are you willing to pay more taxes to make your family worse off to pay for the teachers, nurses, etc who want more money.

Bert puttocks
2023-02-01 18:33:24


David Forman
2023-02-02 12:01:16

Adam, yes I'm happy to pay more tax so that public sector workers can pay their bills and raise their children with dignity. Likewise, I'll be expecting big business and Tory Cabinet Ministers to pay their fare shair too. Also, I will expect the individually wealthy and large corporations to collectively inform the HMRC about the trillions of pounds stashed in offshore tax havens.

2023-02-02 14:29:32

Well said David.

Murray Sackwild
2023-02-03 15:07:35

Interesting that people who complain about working people getting a fair wage rarely complain about wealthy tax Dodgers and the obscene profits of Big Business.

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