Striking Harlow teachers attend rallies across the region

Education / Wed 1st Feb 2023 at 02:15pm

STRIKING Harlow teachers attended a number of rallies across the region.

A number of teachers started the day demonstrating outside Burnt Mill Academy on First Avenue.

After a number of hours many joined hundreds of their colleagues at a rally in the heart of Chelmsford.

Teachers from Hertfordshire schools attended a demonstration in Hertford.

Others made their way into London where thousands marched in the heart of the city

We spoke to one Harlow teacher and asked them why they were striking.

They said: “I am striking because I love my job, but budget cuts and reduced funding are detrimental to my student’s education and the future of my subject.

“I am striking to protect that. Striking for me was such a difficult decision but if I want to see things change in the profession I love then this is what I have to do!”

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14 Comments for Striking Harlow teachers attend rallies across the region:

David Forman
2023-02-01 14:35:58

I hope they win their dispute and get a decent pay rise. The Conservative and Coalition governments have taken liberties with public sector pay.

2023-02-01 15:13:58

Fine them, public sector pay is still better than private sector pay by a long shot. Many in the public sector get increases every year depending on band. David - feel free to send in more contributions to HMRC they accept extra payments

gary roberts
2023-02-01 15:43:16

"public sector pay is still better than private sector pay by a long shot. Many in the public sector get increases every year." Adam, any evidence to support that claim?

Mr Grumpy
2023-02-01 16:20:07

Adam, "public sector pay....better that private"? What planet do you live on? I have worked in the public sector and now in the private sector. I strongly disagree with your statement !!!

2023-02-01 16:51:43

Yes of coursehttps://www.bbc.co.uk/news/55089900 Graph Two public sector AVG £605 a week private £577 Add in pensions, the inability to be fired if you are failing at your job the list goes on. Lets not forget the annual increases the public sector also get Mt Grumpy one single data point is totally irrelevant on the whole the public sector have it much better than the private sector who pay the taxes to employ the public sector. Of course public sector do not pay taxes they just take less out of government pot,.

gary roberts
2023-02-01 17:01:58

Adam, "Of course public sector do not pay taxes," Really? So unlike Mr. Grumpy you do not have any empirical research to back your statement[s]. Just a general feeling, like this discredited and disgusting government eh!

2023-02-01 17:28:45

Gary, they cannot taxes are what the government takes from the economy. If company X sells something it makes money and pays taxes on it. The money from all of that goes into a pot to pay the public sector, public sector taxes are instead of taking £10 out of that pot they take £8. They add nothing to the pot. So they do not pay taxes, it is simple maths. Unlike Mr grumpy I provided evidence the public sector are better paid then private on average (see link)

2023-02-01 17:48:43

Hard up teachers, pull the other one. Check out the vehicles in the Schools car parks. Not an old banger to be seen !

2023-02-01 20:07:36

They have more holiday than anyone, just alone in summer term is what I get for whole year and they have the cheek to fine us for taking kids out, so shall we fine them for having our kids out of school today

2023-02-02 11:07:40

Tories out!!!

2023-02-02 13:54:08

Well said seamus. The answer to all our problems. Simples.

2023-02-02 15:26:48

By the way Adam, my wife's a teacher and is under the impression that the huge lump taken out of her pay every month is for tax purposes.

2023-02-02 15:32:25

What world do you live in Mick? . Schools don't make regulations the government does. If you have a beef about it, I suggest you contact your MP .

2023-02-02 23:06:58

Alex she would be wrong then - and not a good teacher I hope she does not teach maths

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