Total ban on cars stopping outside Holy Cross Primary and Passmores Academy

Education / Fri 3rd Feb 2023 at 10:16am

A BAN on cars momentarily stopping outside two Harlow schools during pick up and drop off is set to launch due to ‘inconsiderate’ drivers reports the Local Democracy Reporter.

Essex County Council is set to introduce a Red Route prohibiting cars from stopping along Tracyes Road to let out children going to Passmores Academy and Holy Cross Primary School.

The council blames serious congestion – caused by parking on double yellow lines – for significant delays to bus services between Harlow, Epping, and Ongar as well as the local service which serves Kao Park and the Science Park employment areas.

The council has said that the double yellow line restriction “is clearly insufficient as a means of controlling the parking in this area”.

The proposal now is to replace all the current restrictions requiring no stopping between 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday, except buses, with a Red Route of ‘No Stopping At any Time, Except Buses,’ Mon to Friday 8am to 5pm. A 30-metre stretch near the junction of Tumbler has been allocated for permit holders only.

Parents parking at school times was first identified as a problem for Passenger Transport in October 2020. Passmores Academy have an in-out drop-off point Holy Cross Primary School situated just a few yards away on the opposite side of the road have no such provision.

Essex County Council has added: “The proposal has been suggested in order to improve accessibility and reduce congestion for all vehicles along Tracyes Road, Harlow. This is currently particularly problematic during the extended school peak periods when student pick up and drop off by private vehicles inconsiderately parked can bring the road to a standstill.”

However it has sparked objection that the restrictions would cause further congestion on adjoining roads.

One objector said said: “Having made provision to effectively ban vehicles from the school’s area during the periods immediately before and after school hours, what proposals do you have for the remainder of Tumbler Road, Spencer’s Croft, Tilbury Mead, Spinning Wheel Mead etc. for the inevitable increase in parking issues and traffic congestion that your proposals will cause. There are already parking issues in the area at school times which have led to instances of confrontation.”

Essex County Council said: “This is unlikely to become a major issue, as if parking is displaced into the surrounding cul-de-sacs, there is less scope for major gridlock to occur therefore, with its potential for driver frustration – which is what is experienced now on the main through route. Thus, the potential of driver conflict should be reduced both in terms of scale and likelihood.”

It added: “The congestion issues faced in this area have been present for many years, impacting on residents as well as affecting many vehicles passing through Traceys Road, Harlow, especially at peak school times. Larger vehicles including buses experience particularly severe difficulties in passing through this key route, which in turn affects their ability to operate to schedule. Over time, the issues have been acknowledged variously by residents (and indeed reemphasised within the consultation feedback), seven councillors, Essex Highways, as well as the schools in the area.”

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20 Comments for Total ban on cars stopping outside Holy Cross Primary and Passmores Academy:

Vote for me
2023-02-03 11:55:17

Doesn't seem too unreasonable but I didn't think any Epping buses went down Tracy's Rd, they use Tilwicks Rd and Southern Way

2023-02-03 12:23:25

buses do go down tracys rd not epping buses but when it is busy the buses plus can not get throw fed up with cars from school think they have the right to park where they want to yellow lines over drop kerbs etc how will this policed traffic wardens ??? never see one

2023-02-03 16:02:19

If Essex Council had a thought when Passmore was built they could have seen this coming and made provision in the design of the site cater for both Passmores and Holy Cross. However, there are other strategies that would help solve these problems and other transport and congestion issues: they could develop many more cycling tracks and routes going in different directions, they could provide far more secure bike parking at the school and run an education programme to get children and parents cycling and walking to school. The measures currently proposed will create still more problems and conflict in local residential roads as driveways get blocked,.verges and pavements are parked upon and as drivers compete for spaces.

Michael Hardware
2023-02-03 16:08:36

This is long overdue. I have been driving to the school ever since it was built, over a decade ago, and I have seen some attrocious driving and parking, mainly on the Holy Cross side. These red lines will allow enforcement with cameras, tickets being issued by post, and hopefully will stop all this and make it safer for the pupils of both schools.

Adam and an Ant
2023-02-03 19:20:27

can't the orange VW camper minibus be used for the school run at Holy Cross? 😁

Bobby Bobbler
2023-02-03 21:52:22

Won't the buses just be blocked by the additional cars on Tumbler Road instead?

2023-02-04 08:14:11

Pointless if they are not Enforced so many vehicles ignore the restrictions by St Marks, maybe the council's could install permanent cameras at these sites to enforce the rules

2023-02-04 08:57:07

Since the red lines have been painted opposite St Marks school, vehicles with cameras on the roof regularly drive up and down so be warned they are being enforced !

2023-02-04 09:48:24

Long long ago in a time long forgotten police and traffic wardens used to go to traffic hot spots to direct traffic.

2023-02-04 10:02:59

So it doesn’t matter if people dropping and picking kids up park over your drive and down your road blocking access to you house or street most park up at least half a hour before schools come out

2023-02-04 10:03:46

Long long ago their used to be policemen.

2023-02-04 10:04:03

So it doesn’t matter if people dropping and picking kids up park over your drive and down your road blocking access to you house or street most park up at least half a hour before schools come out

2023-02-04 11:41:12

Now can someone please look into the traffic problems around Mark Hall at the morning drop off time? It's becoming a complete nightmare to get through.

2023-02-04 14:49:02

After that, can you tackle Sheering Village Primary School where a number of the parents think it is OK to park ON the War Memorial.

Michael Price
2023-02-04 15:20:48

Soon cars will be unable to use the roads to drive on , let alone park on. Potholes are getting cavernous

Captain Picard
2023-02-04 22:36:15

What ever happened to walking to secondary school, that's what myself and majority of the school did in the 1990s? Why is it so different these days ?

2023-02-05 01:58:09

The 9 bus route is being stopped so no buses will use that road.

Brian sanderson
2023-02-05 07:42:16

Pity they do don’t this at Roydon school Chaos every day by parking on a blind bend with me regard to safety

2023-02-05 17:25:56

This happens outside all schools in Harlow not just these two

2023-02-07 07:15:40

The new school sir Fredrick Hubbard the old passmore school parking down my road it’s blocked off so cars park everywhere across your drive even when they can park else where I have been had a go at for telling them to move I need access to my drive disabled person lives here don’t give to hoots parents all drive tanks and start parking half a hour before they come out of school to get best parking space it’s total chaos have complained to school they don’t want to know it’s a joke they are not little children that go to comprehensive schools let them walk

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