Much loved St Mark’s headteacher announces her retirement

Education: Secondary / Sat 4th Feb 2023 at 12:03pm

THE MUCH-loved and respected headteacher of St Mark’s West Essex Catholic School, Elaine Heaphy has announced her retirement.

Parents and pupils were told on Thursday. The job advert was placed in the Times Education Supplement and on the school website.

Elaine Heaphy came to the school in 2012 and her leadership has been marked by her commitment to each and every pupil.

Ms Heaphy has alway been an advocate of believing in every pupil, of believing that every pupil can achieve and that the sky is the limit.

Under Ms Heaphy’s leadership, St Mark’s was never an exam factory but rather a hub of aspiration. However, the long long list of pupils who go on to university is testament to Elaine Heaphy’s philosophy and she must be so so proud of what she has achieved.

Remarkably, St Mark’s has only had four headteachers since it opened in 1966. Mr Tony O’Shea, Mr Brian Quinn, Mr David Brunwin and Ms Elaine Heaphy.

That again is testament to the culture and ethos in the school.

We will be publishing full tributes to Ms Heaphy, closer to her retirement day.

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4 Comments for Much loved St Mark’s headteacher announces her retirement:

Ex St Mark's Student
2023-02-04 12:44:54

Hi — his name is Mr David Brunwin, not Des.

Luke Burton
2023-02-05 20:52:32

This article comes across as a bit of a back-handed comment about other school(s) in the area. There's absolutely nothing wrong with having excellent exam results. Students clutching excellent results in their hands is what allows them to achieve their aspirations, or get into the next step in their journey to achieve them. I certainly didn't want to go to St Mark's for that precise reason.

Peter Kinsella
2023-02-06 11:10:39

Nice piece, but the former head teacher is Brian Quinn, notTim.

oliver lee
2023-07-12 10:31:43

miss Heaphy joined in 2011 not 2012, mine was the second year group that joined during her tenure.

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