Friends of Newhall Primary rally to resist proposed cuts to popular school

Church Langley and Newhall / Tue 4th Apr 2023 at 09:38am

PARENTS at Newhall Primary Academy in Harlow have reacted to the proposed plans by REACH2 Academy Trust to impose cuts at three primary schools in Harlow that will reduce staff and take control of school budgets.

In just two days the Friends of Newhall, the parent-teacher association, collected 250 signatures from concerned parents and family members to accompany the flurry of emails sent to REACH2 by parents.

Sally Brisco from the Friends of Newhall said: “We see these staff as a crucial investment in our children. They are the backbone of the school and critical to our children’s wellbeing.

“We have all seen first-hand how important the immediate office staff are and we couldn’t see these roles being cut without significant detrimental impact on our children.”

A joint statement issued by the teaching unions outlines similar concerns that “fewer staff in schools will lead to more work for other staff and less support for pupils and parents.”

The Friends of Newhall and teaching unions are asking for further consultation to address these concerns.

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3 Comments for Friends of Newhall Primary rally to resist proposed cuts to popular school:

Edward Vine
2023-04-04 10:58:35

Just shows you can't trust Trusts.

2023-04-05 14:46:56

This is what happens when a business runs a school, it's about the profit and not about the children.

2023-04-05 21:50:29

Before Multi Academy Trusts we had 56 local authorities. Each had a director of education who may have earned a £100k+ salary for overseeing the potentially hundreds of schools in their county. Heads would run their school, teaching staff would deliver education. Now we have over 2000 Trusts, some with as few as 3 schools but their "CEOs" earn more than those directors. Then add in Deputy CEOs, Associate Principals, Assistant Heads, Directors of whatever you like all earning headteacher level salaries. Then add all the financial controllers, HR departments (with HR directors), outsourced contractors. You can see where the money is sitting and it's not in the classrooms! Trickle down economics doesn't work in society and it certainly doesn't in our schools!

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