Harlow Labour launch local election campaign pledging to “make a difference”

Elections / Thu 6th Apr 2023 at 08:01am

THE LEADER of the Harlow Labour Group has launched the party’s local election campaign stressing “The Labour difference”.

Councillor Chris Vince said: “For far too long the Conservative government have made councils like Harlow make the difficult choice between raising council tax or cutting services.  Since 2010 we’ve seen £62.3m taken away from the people of Harlow by this cruel Conservative government.  The local Tories answer to this is to freeze council tax but in turn cut staffing numbers at Harlow council, which means a worsening service for the people of our town.  You only have to look at the mounting number of outstanding repairs to see what cuts mean to our council.

However, the next Labour government says that this is a decision that local councils shouldn’t have to make, which is why Labour have announced if they were in power at Westminster they’d cut council taxes in Harlow, but funded through a proper windfall tax on oil and gas companies, so that Harlow residents don’t see further cuts to council service.  Council tax is a regressive tax and we believe that local council’s should be financed by central government, with those with the broadest shoulders paying more, rather than the cost being dumped on residents of our town.

Labour has said it would tackle the cost-of-living crisis by: 

o Freezing council tax for this year, funded by a proper windfall tax on oil and gas giants. 

 o Keeping energy bills low for good by insulating 19 million homes. 

 o Reversing the Tory decision to hand the richest 1% of pension savers £1 billion in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis, and instead introduce specific measures to keep doctors in work. 

o Closing the non-dom tax loophole, so people who live and work here pay their tax here and use that money to fund one of the biggest expansions of the NHS workforce in history and free Breakfast Clubs at every primary school.

A Labour led Harlow Council will 

  • Help people through the cost-of-living crisis by working with local charities such as Harlow food bank and CAB and will also support holiday lunch clubs.
  • Insulate homes to bring down bills and make our town greener with more wildflower meadows, increase landscaping and protecting green spaces.
  • reverse Conservative cuts to the community safety team to keep our town and communities safer
  • Give residents back their voice by re-introducing neighbourhood forums, increase frontline staff and improve customer service
  • return financial stability to Harlow council instead of constantly dipping into council reserves

Labour group leader Chris Vince said

‘Sadly, over the last two years the Conservative administration at Harlow council have lurched from one crisis to another and while their Conservative government and local MP vote for further cuts to local government finances they have their head in the sand over the impact.

A Labour led Harlow council would work with residents to keep their costs down and support them through this Conservative created cost of living crisis.  

Labour Councillors and candidates look forward to speaking to as many residents as possible over the next few weeks to show them the difference a Labour led Council can make.’

A vote for Labour on 4th May is a vote to Build a Better Harlow and a Better Britain for working people

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15 Comments for Harlow Labour launch local election campaign pledging to “make a difference”:

Adam Taylor
2023-04-06 08:23:13

Sadly windfall taxes do not work and are just greed, see the announcement yesterday which cost 350 people thier job due to the windfall tax This is also the party that killed millions in Iraq over a lie and caused the rampant house price inflation which is the underlaying issues with much of our economic system today.

Dan Swords
2023-04-06 08:33:42

Every year that Labour ran Harlow Council, they increased Harlow Council Tax and failed the town. A brief look at their record: - Lost £10.4million for town centre Regeneration because their bid did not demonstrate “value for money to the taxpayer” - Had to pay back £3.5 million to the Govt because they failed to build any Council housing - Allowed the town to fall into a state of disrepair - Named the worst Council in Essex at paying out Government grants to local businesses during Covid - Allowed Labour Councils in London to move their residents into Terminus House and other remote warehouses in industrial areas - completely unchecked until it was complete I could go on. Harlow Labour failed Harlow. They’d do the same all over again.

Dan Long
2023-04-06 10:13:04

Harlow Labour will make a difference but not in the best interest for the number one priority of this town and that is the people of Harlow. The last time they was the administration party of Harlow between 2012/2021 they increased the council tax 8 times in 9 years of that term. They dont like anyone who tells the truth and if you dont agree with their opinions, they label you as racist, which is their biggest get out of jail card when on of them have been up to NO good. So NO thank you, not for me.

James Leppard
2023-04-06 10:45:54

Harlow Labour ran the Council, presiding over a decade of decline and failure. They failed to oppose the recent proposal to house 400 ‘asylum seekers’ in Wych Elm. This outlandish proposal was cancelled thanks to vigorous opposition by the Conservative Council and our MP, Rob Halfon. Labour failed to build new council houses and instead wasted £s millions buying properties on the open market at 3-4 x the cost of building such homes. Their record of incompetence and waste is without parallel.

gary roberts
2023-04-06 12:27:44

You have to smile at both main parties who portray a complete lack of understanding of the issues affecting the electorate of this town. Cllr. Leppard repeats the same old nonsense while Cllr. Vince reads a Labour party leaflet that becomes void a day after the local election. Will you vote in May 2023? If so why? The pot-holes will still be there, Osler House will still be derelict, The Potter Street former council building will still be empty, and council services will not be available to all local areas. And buses are due to be cut but still we need a "smart new" bus terminus. You couldn't make it up, so I haven't!

Nicholas Taylor
2023-04-06 12:42:19

The Harlow Alliance Party will not take part in the mud slinging involving Labour and the Tories, residents just have to look around the town to see what happens when either Labour or the Tories are in power, common sense just seems to fly out of the window. Both Parties are as bad as each other, nationally and locally. The number of independent councillors is growing across the country, changing the two party system will only happen if enough voters come out and vote for change. Nicholas Taylor, Leader of the Harlow Alliance party

Gary Roberts
2023-04-06 16:31:22

Mr. Taylor really? Your first line states something your party will not do and then spends the rest of it doing exactly the opposite. Next the Green party will say the same and actually does it. LOL

Dan Long
2023-04-06 17:19:06

The Harlow Alliance party candidates are nothing but Labour instigators who invading the former UKIP Harlow party back in 2015. As soon as they were sussed out, they left UKIP Harlow and formed the Harlow Alliance party.

Nicholas Taylor
2023-04-06 17:58:38

Dan, I am afraid that like so many of your posts, you do not have a clue and could not be more wrong. We have dozens of members, all with differing political backgrounds or indeed none but we are all working together to take national political rivalries out of the Council chamber in Harlow. I hope readers will take no notice of Dan's comments. Nicholas Taylor, Leader of the Harlow Alliance Party. Gary, I was just stating the obvious and leave it to readers to judge.

Dan Long
2023-04-06 18:52:45

NICHOLAS,REALLY . It seems like The Harlow Alliance party don't like truth either. Why doby you join up with the Labour party of Harlow, ypur make a partnership. You use to talk rubbish in the UKIP meetings The truth hurts, doesn't Nichols.

Nicholas Taylor
2023-04-06 21:24:50

Dan, sorry to say you are really so out of touch. Your earlier post simply is not true (Labour instigators, you could not make it up, oh sorry you just did!) and is clearly trying to sling mud at HAP as we come up to the elections. HAP fought long and hard against the LABOUR Local Development Plan of 2020 and successfully got the Planning Inspector to remove six green areas from being built on. We have taken action to stop both LABOUR and the CONSERVATIVES if in power from selling off 14 green areas to private developers. We are happy to give credit where credit is due, whichever that Party may be.

David Forman
2023-04-06 22:21:38

A plan to house asylum seekers in Wych Elm is due to Tory government incompetence and underfunding the asylum system. For example, the Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration (ICIBI) which inspects border & detention facilities and makes recommendations for improvements, complained this January about underfunding. The Chief David Neal said: "The ICIBI was established in 2009; its budget has been stagnant since then, and staffing levels have actually decreased, even as borders and immigration issues have grown in prominence and complexity." See para 6 of ICIBI press release at: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/role-and-remit-review-of-icibi-discontinued

David Forman
2023-04-07 00:58:35

Forgot to mention the UK Statistics Authority confirmed Labour's Stephen Kinnock's claim that the asylum backlog has increased more than 8 times since Labour left office in 2010. (18,954 in June 2010 compared to 166,261 at end of December 2022). This is an increase of 147,307 undecided asylum applications under Conservative led governments. See UK Stats chief's letter 6th paragraph at: https://uksa.statisticsauthority.gov.uk/correspondence/response-from-sir-robert-chote-to-stephen-kinnock-mp-asylum-backlogs/

Mark Gough
2023-04-09 23:49:09

Use the money to fund an NHS workforce increase? How are they going to do that when vast billions are going into PFI black holes they created when last in Government. Trusts across the Country are riddled with debt thanks to them. Furthermore, no mention of scrapping the ridiculous cap of 10,000 Medical School and Nurse training places, so what are they going to do - get more foreign staff in? They really are either clueless, or fully aware they are lying to the electorate! Mark Gough - Reform UK

The Other Nigel
2023-04-10 20:14:52

However, UKIP, for several years now, has been deader than a doornail. Unless you call getting 0.2% of the vote share, finishing in last place in almost everything it enters, having at most fifty activists, not all even living in Britain, and in a three weeks losing all its remaining five - according to wiki - elected public officials, being "alive". It'll be down to a few Parish councillors in places where no election was needed. UKIP is controlled by the ex(?) Tories from the Really Extreme 'Cheats and Liars' wing of the Conservative Party. UKIP has become the BNP. It exists for the same reason the BNP does. The die-hard rump are senile, excrutiatingly stupid or - I read yesterday - infiltrators or saboteurs. It's embarrassing to have any connection with it.

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