Sickening vandalism to Carly’s allotment won’t defeat food campaigner

Charity / Wed 12th Apr 2023 at 07:42am

OVER the weekend, vandals got into Carly Burd’s allotment and spread salt on the crops.

As readers may know, the crops are part of a voluntary food distribution scheme that Carly has undertaken over the last year.

What started in her garden has now bloomed and Carly with a little help from her friends, is nurturing a pilot allotment scheme on Hobtoe Road.

But despite her illnesses and her challenges, Carly will not be broken and was back down at the allotment.

She has been given great help from HTS and Town and Country Property Sales. As well as local residents.

We went down to the allotment to speak to Carly.

For more details about her work, go to her Facebook page called:https://www.facebook.com/AMealOnMeWithLove

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9 Comments for Sickening vandalism to Carly’s allotment won’t defeat food campaigner:

Victoria Attridge
2023-04-12 15:16:08

Go Carly don't let the evil ones bring you down your one amazing lady ❤️

paul austin
2023-04-12 16:41:30

what lovely people about,utter t.....rs

2023-04-12 18:13:36

I just sat and stared at this. It's just really hard work doing this stuff. It's beyond any hope of hope of me understanding.

Tracy George
2023-04-12 19:19:29

I've been watching the donations coming pouring in for this project, from all over the world and the wonderful comments about not giving up and coming back better.. It's always heartening when people respond with kindness.

Wayne Amiel
2023-04-12 20:18:38


Wayne Amiel
2023-04-12 20:19:12

Sickening and shocking

Keith Tomlin
2023-04-12 21:44:17

Gary Lineker shows support for charity allotment after it was vandalised The Independent has this story: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/gary-lineker-essex-harlow-boxes-tiktok-b2318728.html Gary Lineker tweeted “Why would you ever do something like that?”.

Anthony Debski
2023-04-13 06:36:23

Absolutely disgusting...in Australia, 'salting' would result in SERIOUS repercussions...find the swine and deal with them...!! I can only beg you to NOT take any C---P from local brain-dead morons!..STAY COOL!! Onward & Upward...!!

Yasmin Gregory - Green Party Candidate for Old Harlow, Newhall, Gilden Park & Churchgate Street
2023-04-13 13:33:05

I cannot help but think that there is something more sinister here. Who would know to put salt on the soil? What type of salt was this? This is a criminal offence. This is not some bored youths with nothing to do. This has been planned by someone and that person/s should be found and brought to justice. Carly you are an inspiration and you will go from strength to strength. Thank you for all that you have achieved as an unsung hero and get ready to step into the limelight and help so many more.

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