Ward by ward: Little Parndon and Hare Street: Maggie may be making a comeback

Elections / Fri 14th Apr 2023 at 04:28pm

THIS was the only seat that Labour held in their very bad night back in May 2021.

Normal service was resumed in May 2022 when they won by 238 votes.

We expect Labour to hold it again on May 4th.

In many ways, the Labour candidate illustrates one of Harlow Labour’s challenges.

With veteran councillor Jean Clark standing down, (we understand) they had to replace a woman with a woman.

Despite having close to 500 members, finding someone has been difficult, so they have tempted former Harlow Common councillor, Maggie Hulcoop out of retirement.

Maggie lost her seat last year after what appeared to be zero campaigning and the same may happen this year. We imagine she will hold the seat for a year, then step aside (all out elections in 2024) and allow new blood to come in. However, she has been one of the best chairs of Harlow Council we have ever had, so may be Maggie may come back re-energised.

The Conservative candidate is Jayne Saunders. We think Jayne is standing for the first time. We once had a very long letter by a Jayne Saunders on the subject of the Stort Crossing. The letter was sent on the eve of the planning committee meeting. If this is the same Jayne Saunders, then, she would be a very welcome addition to the council, with such remarkable in depth knowledge of planning.

It is good to see Klara Bow standing again for The Green Party. Klara has become a very loyal team member of The Green Party in Harlow and so it is good to see that they are laying down foundations across many of the wards in town.

Labour Hold


Maggie Hulcoop (Lab)

Jayne Saunders (Cons)

Klara Bow (Green)

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4 Comments for Ward by ward: Little Parndon and Hare Street: Maggie may be making a comeback:

Terry Kirkby
2023-04-14 16:45:16

I just don't get it! someone please update me! Its either Labour, Conservative or Green! Its a councillor election thats not something that should be a political platform we won you didn't! What a load of nonsense! and as for a man cannot be a runner for this seat for labour! erm if that was the other way around IE it has to be a man who replaces a man there would be uproar! I remind all in the town office and beyond the residents have had enough of this political two and throw IE it wasn't us it was Labour or it wasn't us it was the conservatives just sort the issues out as one not as a party separate!

Dan Long
2023-04-15 12:44:59

This show how desperate the Harlow Labour group are when it comes to attracting new or younger candidates to stand for them in the elections.

A. Kurton
2023-04-16 22:29:02

  “Jayne Saunders” was indeed the stated author of the letter published just days before the approval of the environmentally destructive Stort River crossing. The letter showed a very detailed understanding of council process and made the case (forcefully) that the planning committee members were not in a position to block the application. Oddly, though, a cursory check of Jayne’s social media at the time revealed that she  was seemingly not all that political (if at all) . I would therefore like to know if she is a ‘paper’ candidate.   Additionally, as I believe her brother is Cllr  Perrin, it would be appropriate to invite Jayne to have  a solo video interview  with Your Harlow so that her forthright opinions in relation to  the Crossing and her detailed knowledge of planning application process can be explored.   I think we can all agree that it is important  for the community to be  fully confident of the authorship of that particular letter . Hopefully Jayne will be very happy to personally support with that. Obviously communications by email would not serve the purpose for obvious reasons.

2023-04-20 06:53:30

I feel we should all vote for jaynes. She the best

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