Ward by Ward: Toddbrook: Will Daniella be a four time winner?

Elections / Tue 18th Apr 2023 at 06:56pm

YOU have to feel for Labour councillor Daniella Pritchard. She was victorious in a by-election in 2022. Now she is up defending the seat in 2023. If Daniella is victorious then she may be defending the seat when there are all out elections in 2024 and..if she polls the fewest votes among the three winners, then Daniella is up again in 2026.

Then again, she is a nurse and a union organiser, so councillor Pritchard will no doubt just shrug her shoulders and get on with it.

Back in 2021, the Conservatives won two seats in this ward. But soon after, Gareth Williams resigned on health grounds. Labour won the seat back and will be looking to defend it and then win all three in 2024.

It has been one of their strongholds and will be a building block for Labour winning back the council.

The Conservatives, with one eye on next years General Election, may concentrate on looking at their share of the vote. If they can keep it over 40% then we imagine they will be content.

The Green candidate, Julie Taylor has been one of the engine rooms of the party. Since polling over 200 votes last May, it feels as if she has been out every week, campaigning for her party and raising awareness. One of the assets, the Harlow Green Party has is it looks like fun. We are sure they have their disagreements but there looks like a healthy vibe to their approach and philosophy.



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