Ward by Ward: Bush Fair: Is it a done deal for Dunne?

Elections / Wed 26th Apr 2023 at 10:22am

IN 2021, this seat went to the Conservatives as they swept to power.

They won it again in 2022 but that was by four votes and for four days when the newly elected councillor stood down after his unsavoury tweets were exposed.

Labour won the by-election and they are expected to hold this seat on May 4th.

We have already covered the incumbent, Jodi Dunne. He clearly works well as a team with cllr Kay Morrison.

The Green candidate is, once again, Jennifer Steadman. Our interview with Jennifer is below. Jennifer is really keen to stress that the Greens are conversant with local issues in the ward. From knife amnesty bins at Bush Fair shops to lighting across across the road from the ward in John Dowdall Close.

However, Jennifer will be looking to get more than 116 votes (as she did last time). The Greens must not go backwards.

The Conservatives are pretty low key here. In fact, they may be running an under-the-radar campaign this year. Have a look at how they perform and then develop a strategy for 2024 when there will be all-out elections and a General Election.

YH Prediction: Labour Hold

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3 Comments for Ward by Ward: Bush Fair: Is it a done deal for Dunne?:

David Forman
2023-04-26 12:35:10

Conservatives running an "under the radar" campaign is spot on. Perhaps people have noticed how the Conservatives have managed to screw up public services after 13 years in power. NHS is understaffed, waiting lists at an all-time high and our hospitals have a maintenance backlog of £10billion. Talking of all-time high, that about sums up the cost of living under the Conservatives.

2023-04-26 14:00:48

I consider both the Conservatives and Labour do not meet up with what the general public expect from both parties. We need better response to the facts that worry us, not set avoidance of issues raised just to maintain a political stance. Might other parties do better? Let's have a try! Please still do vote, maybe for someone different.

Nicholas Taylor
2023-04-28 08:00:05

A couple of the filmed interviews I have had with Michael, last year and the year before were actually filmed in front of one of the flower beds in Hookfield which Jennifer mentioned in her interview. I did so because on both occasions it was in such a terrible state, I pointed out that whether you voted for a Tory led or Labour led Council nothing really changes when it comes to the state of landscaped areas within housing estates. Earlier this week I paid a visit to Hookfield again, after two years in power and despite another one of the pledges made by the Tories the flower bed is still in a very poor state.

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