Harlow domestic abuse charity seeks donation to help teenager in refuge

Communities / Sat 29th Apr 2023 at 06:22am

SAFER Places is appealing for help to get a PlayStation5 (PS5) console for a teenage domestic abuse survivor currently staying in safe accommodation.

During a conversation with a keyworker, the teenage boy indicated that he was feeling lonely and that he missed the interaction with his friends, who all played games online together. 

To maintain a sense of normality the young teenager had resorted to making a paper game instead of a video game as he had to leave his belongings to come to the safe accommodation. 

Janet Dalrymple, Chief Executive of Safer Places, said: “Experiencing, or seeing your parent experience, domestic abuse can be incredibly isolating and traumatic. You may have to leave the place you grew up or the school you attend, and you might have to move into a place you don’t know with people who are strangers to you. For teenagers, this can be incredibly difficult, it is a very challenging time – 

“The majority of the children we support are between the ages 5-11. For older children, it can be overwhelming to be living with younger kids when all you want is time to yourself to do the things you want, like any ordinary teenager. That’s why being able to provide a PS5 for this incredibly deserving young person is so important.” 

Domestic abuse is unfortunately a common occurrence; research shows that 1 in 7 children and young people will have lived with domestic abuse at some point during childhood. Staff at Safer Places see first-hand the affect this can have on these young people and are eager to support them in any way they can. 

Ms Dalrymple added: “Getting this console isn’t just for one teenager, but for all the child survivors of domestic abuse who want, deserve and need time to do what normal children and teenagers do. It breaks your heart when you hear that a teenage boy who has already been through so much is unable to feel properly included with his friends. 

“We determined to provide some much-needed joy and respite to these children, and we would love the community to support us in doing so.” 

If you are able to help in providing the PS5, please contact [email protected].


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4 Comments for Harlow domestic abuse charity seeks donation to help teenager in refuge:

2023-04-29 07:36:03

This breaks my heart reading this all he wants to do is feel like a normal teen 😞 I don’t have a PlayStation 5 my kids have the older ones but I’m happy to donate towards a ps 5 if there is a page set up x

2023-04-29 09:19:14

Yep me too will like to donate as we don't have a PS5.

Matthew Gillman
2023-04-30 19:17:44

Please note the email address in the article doesn't seem to work. Try using [email protected]

2023-05-01 20:03:59

Wouldn't buying 6 second hand PS4's for the same price, reach more children than just 1 PS5?

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