Nurses across England strike in biggest walkout so far

Health / Mon 1st May 2023 at 06:47am

NURSES in England are taking part in a fresh strike, in what it has described as its biggest walkout so far reports the BBC.

The Royal College of Nursing strike affects half of England’s NHS trusts and will last until midnight on Monday.

It is the first time some nurses who work in A&E, intensive care and cancer services have joined the picket lines – although the union has agreed staff can be called in for some critical areas.

The government says the strike will be incredibly disruptive for patients.

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5 Comments for Nurses across England strike in biggest walkout so far:

gary roberts
2023-05-01 07:02:02

And if there is a picket line at PAH I will join it. Why? Because it is to important not too.

Kim Oconnor
2023-05-01 08:16:32

Good luck.xx

David Forman
2023-05-01 10:45:50

I fully support the nurses strike.

Geraldine Johnson
2023-05-02 18:10:31

Fed up hearing about it, my experience's with NHS has always been awful and how can they call themselves caring when ordinary people are suffering, their job is supposed to be a vocation - rubbish the lot of them

m o
2023-05-18 13:08:36

Geraldine, you can always go private. People in the NHS do their absolute best with what rubbish hand they are given. Many in the UK need to realise what it's actually like working in a hospital then they wouldn't be so horrible to staff.

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