Ward by Ward: Harlow Common: It’s all too quiet….

Elections / Mon 1st May 2023 at 02:17pm

LAST year, this seat was up for grabs. The Labour candidate did not campaign. The Conservative candidate did. The Tories won.

This year, former Harlow Council leader Mark Wilkinson is up for re-election.

He did announce his retirement but then changed his mind.

We have seen the Labour faithful in the area (Hello Mr Taylor!) and spotted Mark once but it just doesn’t feel like a full-throttle defence of the ward.

This ward will need three candidates next year and it is beholden on Harlow Labour to get three residents who live east of the A414 who will truly represent the ward when it changes to Church Langley South and Potter Street.

Of all the wards, this has Potter Street in it that is so community minded. It deserves better.

The Tory candidate, Danielle Brown has been out and about and it is good to see Danielle continue to step up to the plate. To be fair to the two Conservative councillors, over the past year, they have been high profile.

The Tories won this seat in 2021 and 2022,. They gained it by 51 seats . We say Labour hold.

YH Prediction: Labour Hold

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8 Comments for Ward by Ward: Harlow Common: It’s all too quiet….:

gary roberts
2023-05-01 14:56:58

"Of all the wards, this has Potter Street in it that is so community minded. It deserves better." Mr. Casey this statement is so on point and correct that our community does deserve better. You have seen the lack-lustre approach of the current Conservative council to deliver any support to the Potter Street area which is disgraceful given that it is currently represented by two prominent portfolio holders. And despite the efforts of many in our community we still do not have a well-being hub, no council neighbourhood office, and no local bus service. That is despite the current leader of the council telling me that work on the hub was to start in February 2022. In short the Conservatives have let our community down. Why? I have asked that question many times and received no coherent answers. Change is needed!

James Leppard
2023-05-01 15:15:37

A technical correction to the report. In the Ward restructuring that will take effect next year, the Ward of Harlow Common will disappear as such. It has always been somewhat anomalous with two halves split by the A414 and, as such, two distinct sections. Next year, the Latton Bush half will join the new ward of Latton Bush and Stewards whereas the Potter St part, East of the A414 will become Church Langley South & Potter St.

James Leppard
2023-05-01 20:51:09

Danielle Brown has worked hard is Harlow born and bred, has a young family and runs her own business. She is dedicated and very hard-working and will make excellent councillor for the residents of all Harlow Common.

gary roberts
2023-05-02 05:58:04

Harlow Common: If Ms. Brown is elected to represent you it could lead to three portfolio holders on the council. And still nothing will change for the area of Potter Street. It will result in all warm words and BS which sadly our community has become accustomed. Cllr. Leppard has even used the Mr. Halfon slogan of "working hard" and look what that has achieved for Harlow let alone Harlow Common!

David Taylor
2023-05-02 06:06:41

But the thing is potter street needs a voice for our lovely community. No disrespect to the conservative councillors. But I can not see what these have do around potter area. Just broken promises again. And I know this first hand. As I have had many people come to me about issues. Right I’ve lived in potter street nearly 60 years I know what the people want and need. I myself have sorted out load of problems already. We the Labour Party can see what’s needed to be done. So please vote mark Wilkinson I would not held anyone unless they are thinking the same as me.

David Taylor
2023-05-02 06:28:35

Sorry please forgive me just like to say thank you for the mention.

David Forman
2023-05-02 08:43:59

Mark Wilkinson featured in the photograph of December 2022's YourHarlow article reporting on the GP surgery closure in Potter Street. No Conservative councillors were in that picture. As the first commentator on that article I invited Cllr Swords to tell us when the wellbeing hub would be delivered, but no reply was forthcoming. See GP protest article: https://www.yourharlow.com/2022/12/11/potter-street-residents-determined-to-fight-on-as-council-rejects-plan-to-refurbish-osler-house/

Peter Scally
2023-05-02 13:13:22

Potter Street, in my opinion, has been failed by both Labour and Conservative candidates but could 'new blood' help? Let's see!

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