GP plan asks more patients to use pharmacies

Health / Tue 9th May 2023 at 06:52am

MORE people will be able to access health services without needing to see a GP under a plan launched by officials in England reports the BBC.

It asks patients to use high street pharmacies for some common drug prescriptions and routine tests to ease the pressure on busy doctors. 

NHS England says its plan will free up 15m GP appointments over the next two years – around 2% of the total.

But some are concerned about how pharmacies will cope with extra demand.

Data shows there are now fewer local chemists than at any time since 2015. Rising operational costs, staff shortages and reduced government financial support have been blamed.

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2 Comments for GP plan asks more patients to use pharmacies:

Tony Scrivener
2023-05-10 09:48:44

What a shambles. Doctors need to start seeing patients. Not over phone. Doctors don't know there patients anymore. Every body wants to talk about mental wellbeing but we're is the help this will make things worse and will cost the NHS more money in the long run🤔

2023-05-10 10:56:25

We are so overpopulated and it was obvious that all our lives was going to be affected.All it is now is waiting in queues and waiting for your call to be answered and your number 16 17 18 whatever in a queue. I was number 1 in a queue recently trying to get a docs app and i held on for 39 minutes and i was number 1. Lol. I have to laugh because this is our future now.

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