MP encourages every young person in Harlow to join the Air Cadets Squadron

Communities / Sat 13th May 2023 at 09:30am

ROBERT Halfon, MP for Harlow, visited the 2317 Harlow Air Cadets Squadron last night to see all the hard work and enthusiasm of Harlow’s young cadets and the volunteers. Mr Halfon told Your Harlow that he now wishes to encourage every young person to join and take full advantage of all the opportunities on offer. 

Mr Halfon listened to the amazing talent of those in the band and watched in awe as the cadets practised virtual aviation training. The MP for Harlow was pleased to learn that all sixty cadets are also able to gain BTEC qualifications whilst there, helping to improve their skills in both their personal and academic capabilities. 

Mr Halfon commenting on the visit said: “It was an honour to meet some of the sixty cadets who form the 2317 Harlow Air Cadets Squadron last night at their fantastic hub in Old Harlow.”

“It is truly inspiring to see the opportunities these young people have, thanks to the tireless work of everyone who makes it possible. I would strongly encourage every young person in our town to consider joining as there are just so many things you can be involved with and so many skills you can learn and develop.”

“Harlow’s Air Cadets allows every young person who joins to climb the ladder of opportunity and every volunteer to lend a helping hand to support them.”

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4 Comments for MP encourages every young person in Harlow to join the Air Cadets Squadron:

Alison D
2023-05-13 13:49:17

I was one of the first girls to become an air cadet in Harlow and enjoyed every moment of it.

Nick Gunning
2023-05-13 18:49:51

Given the government he sticks with in votes with, he's not really in a position to tell people about any life issues.

Fight for justice and equality
2023-05-14 22:48:50

I have evidence of me been harassed by a doorbell camera for months , the censor records me opening my front door over the boundary line and was ruled illigal by a judge in the fairhurst case , I've been to the police 6-7 times and nobody has come near to see my evidence?? Could I ask if me halfron could view the videos of harassment I have and then possibly come to the police station with me to ask the police why nothing has been done and why no one has come to see my evidence of harassment ?? As I should be able to come and go from were I live without been constantly recorded and stalked illigally through a doorbell camera which is recording me over the boundary line on private property ? The local labour representative for Harlow has also contacted the police on numerous occasions and no one has got back to him either about this situation , 6-7 times I've contacted the police over two and half years ... Does Mr Halfron have anything to say on this situation that's happening on his watch??

2023-05-15 04:59:53

My eldest son and eldest daughter were both air cadets in Harlow ! And loved it ! They learned so much and it really brought them out of them selves iving them confidence to try to do so many things ! I’m a proud mum ! There names are Thomas Barke and Jessica Barke !

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