Review: When Love Hits at the Harlow Playhouse

Entertainment / Sat 13th May 2023 at 06:16am

LEO is the survivor of an abusive relationship. His story of meeting and falling prey to an abusive girlfriend is harrowing and disturbing but there is humour in the telling of it.

Punctuated by music from Leo’s playlist, a source of humour in itself, the performance is brilliantly engaging with an instant connection between Leo and his audience.

We all want to learn more about his situation, not out of prurient interest but out of an empathetic desire to understand and offer him support.

These feelings are testimony to the joyous flow of the storytelling, based on real life experience, the performance and the atmosphere created in the Theatre 2.

To call the set sparse would be an overstatement, a chair, a box, some string and paper plus a Cow hand puppet are all that are needed to create the scene, a scene that Leo inhabits with a confidence and surety that belies the vulnerability of the tale he is telling.

Produced in partnership with the Survivors UK organisation, this production highlights the trauma of domestic abuse whatever the victims gender. 

Given the subject matter it feels wrong to say you have enjoyed the performance but this was an evening extremely well spent and one which ultimately offers a message of hope.

This reviewer has no hesitation in offering the production 5 stars.

Performed by Leo Shepherd

Production Manager – Emma Foley

Director – David Woollcott

Asst Director – Helena Fischer

Lighting Technician – Lewis Mackie

Technical Advisors – William Deady & Thomas Sadler  

Tickets are available for the performance 13th May at 8pm


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1 Comment for Review: When Love Hits at the Harlow Playhouse:

Alice Hill
2023-05-14 13:07:14

Live Hits was superb! The show highlights the taboo subject of male domestic violence. To think this was written and acted by the very talented Leo Shepherd who at only 22 years of age is outstanding. This show needs to be rolled out nationally to other theatres, police, and schools. This show is ahead of it's game. I look forward to seeing what the talented Leo Shepherd does next.

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