Review: Razed Roof raise the roof at Harlow Playhouse

Entertainment / Fri 19th May 2023 at 12:20pm

A RAZED Roof performance is always something special and InForm 2023 was no exception, raising the bar on their usual standard even higher.

Exploring the origins of the creation of Harlow New Town through a series of scenes inspired by the towns famous sculpture collection, this performance was a joy to behold. 

Emotional, intelligent, confident and with an abundance of humour each scene either cleverly spelled out a letter in the town’s name or evolved into a representation of one of our much loved sculptures. The hilarious battle with sheets to create Contrapuntal Forms had the audience in stitches. 

Another scene depicting the decorating team in a newly build house had us all feeling for the hapless apprentice who was constantly berated with the cry of ‘oh, Peter’. 

The inclusion of students from Harlow Fields School and College Students brought another dimension to the piece and expanded opportunities and possibilities for the participants to develop their talents.

It was clear to see that all performers were revelling in their roles with more than a few cheeky scene stealers!

This performance was a fitting tribute to long time Razed Roofer Vicky Smith. She would have loved performing in this show and, I’m sure, would have been delighted to see it bring such joy to the actors and audience alike.

Yet again, Razed Roof have shown that inclusive theatre is a thing of beauty that delivers the feel good factor by the bucket load. 

This was 5 star theatre at its absolute finest, long may Razed Roof continue to delight and InForm!


Another reviewer wanted to add this:

Inform was another wonderful Razed Roof show where you laughed and cried all at once. Not only was the show entertaining it was also hugely inspiring and uplifting. A huge well done to all the Razed Roofers, their guests from the Harlow Fields school and the crew at Harlow Playhouse. A special shout out should also go to artistic director Annette whose imagination and chorography makes it all happen.

I left the theatre feeling extremely grateful to be a trustee of Razed Roof, emotional about the wonderful performance but also very proud to call Harlow my home, a town full of so many incredible and caring people!

Well done Razed Roof!

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