Andrew Johnson takes on historic second term as Chair of Harlow Council

News / Sat 27th May 2023 at 11:03am

CHURCH Langley councillor Andrew Johnson has been elected Chair of Harlow Council for a second consecutive term at last night’s (Thursday 25 May) Annual Council meeting.

It is the first time in Harlow that a Chair has secured consecutive terms.

During his first term in office, he raised a record £14,500 for his chosen charities, Streets2Homes and Harlow Rock School, which they will share equally. Councillor Johnson will be announcing his charities for the coming year at the next Council meeting. 

Also elected as Vice-Chair last night was Old Harlow councillor Sue Livings, who is also embarking on a second consecutive term.

The Chair’s theme for this year will be ‘the gems of Harlow’ – whether they are people, organisations or places, he will be looking to promote them all in the coming year.

If you are planning an event over the course of the next year that you would like the Chair of the Council to attend, you can find details on how to invite them athttps://www.harlow.gov.uk/your-council/councillors-and-chair-council/chair-council.

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4 Comments for Andrew Johnson takes on historic second term as Chair of Harlow Council:

2023-05-27 14:18:55

It is an unfortunate occurrence that the non-political Chair post has not been alternated between parties. Perhaps no one was available in the Labour group.

Nick Gunning
2023-05-28 15:39:05

More disaster for Harlow, then. Dead cat promises and honesty bypassed. "But missis, they froze yer council tax!" Well the 25% that goes to Harlow, but the 75% that goes to their brother Tories in Essex increased by the maximum. Pay a council rent? That went up by 8%. So those who don't own property and have least, pay the most! Which services still remain that they haven't already cut to extinction? Tripped ice any good potholes lately? Fallen down the smashed steps at the Stow? Surprised nobody's bus has tipped over in a road pothole yet. But they've made the lighting cheaper, and a lot dimmer. But Councillor Johnson will work night and day to make your pavements safe 🤣🤣🤣

Mark Gough
2023-05-28 23:45:51

Surely Nick you know by now that potholes and pavements are Essex CC not Harlow. But I agree that Essex treat Harlow with utter contempt. Maybe since you have been critical in print for so many years, perhaps it's time you put yourself on a ballot paper! Mark Gough Reform UK

David Forman
2023-05-30 09:06:25

Councillor Andrew Johnson is by far the most competent chair of council meetings that I have ever witnessed. Nice to see that the business of the council will be dealt with efficiently and chaired fairly.

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