Athletics: Quality over quantity for Harlow’s young athletes at Hornchurch

Athletics / Mon 3rd Jul 2023 at 08:29am

HARLOW endured a difficult day in Hornchurch, short on athletes and short on officials. Unsurprisingly, the team finished last in the six-team match. Nevertheless, there were some bright spots.

Only six athletes made themselves available at U17 level, three men and three women. Conor McEwan picked up a PB in the 200m of 29.03s and ran a five-minute 1500m. He also was sixth in the long jump as he jumped for a point.

Hayden Garrett was fifth in the 1500m and ran a 68-second 400m, picking up two team points in the process.

Sonnie Mowatt was third in the 400 and ran an excellent 58.95s. He followed this up with fifth place in the 800m, running 2.15.63 minutes.

On the women’s side, debutant, Jastine Andylord, was fourth in the 100m in 13.81s, and fourth in the Long Jump with 4.21m

Abigail Cowling ran a 52 second 300m and was fourth in the 800m in a time of 2.48.36 minutes. She then stepped up to Long Jump and earned fourth in the B event.

Rhiana Drew had a personally good day as she won both the Hammer and Discus competitions. She also threw the shot 7.20m for fourth in that competition.

The U15s managed to muster a few more athletes and had to deal with last minute dropouts and no shows. This is never easy as it means that athletes must step into races where the competition might be a little stiffer.

This was the case for the 100m. Danielle Asante stepped into the A race and finished 6th. Evie Willis then made the move from non-scoring to B competitor. She may well have surprised herself as finished second in 13.8s, a time that would have seen her fourth in the A race. In the 200m, Louise Duffy and Danielle Asante were both sixth in their respective races. Duffy also ran the 75m Hurdles, taking fifth place.

Faryl Wright was the most successful sprinter positionally speaking, as she ran 45.57s in the 300m. This saw her finish third. She was third again in the 800m in 2.30.87 minutes.

Abigail Jones was fourth in the High Jump and Isla Garrett jumped for a point. She took one jump at minimum height 1.10m, good enough for third in the B competition, before dashing off to run the 1500m. She was fourth in this race.

Louise Duffy and Faryl Wright contested the long jump for the girls. Duffy was fourth in the A event and Wright was third in the B event.

In the throws, shot, discus, and javelin Harlow athletes were fifth across both A and B competitions: Willis and Jones in the shot, Jones and Willis again in the javelin, and Asante and Garrett in the discus. Asante’s 13.36m was a PB.

Only three boys were in action. Thomas Grey picked up a pair of PBs in the 100m and 200m, 14.2 and 29.96s respectively. Kamal Ricketts was fifth in the 300m and third in the 800m. 2.19.92 minutes was a new PB.

George Watkins was third in his 800m in 2.16.11 minutes. Whilst everyone expects him to shine on the track now, his best performance on the day was a jump of over 4 metres, 4.07m, was perhaps his most noteworthy.

The brightest performances on the day came from the U13s, who finished third overall in their section of the competition. Once again, there was a dearth of boys but the three who competed did very well:

Soshin Yoshitake-Thatcher was third in the 800m in 2.38.22 minutes. He also managed fifth in the javelin. Noah Brown was second in the long jump, 4.01m, and was first in the B 100m in 14.52s.

Alfie Jackson made an unconventional league debut for the team having competed at a regional championship before competing in the league! He supported Brown in the long jump by coming second in the B event. In the 100 and 200 sprints Jackson showed his class by winning them both comfortably. His 14.13s was strong and his 28.67 in the 200m was excellent indeed.

Seven girls competed and they picked up 61 points. Kitty Tyson and Grace Bradfield were fifth in both 100m events. Zoe Kaku, on debut, was third in the 200m A race, and Alisha Brennan ran her first competitive 200m in the B event. She was fourth.

The 800m saw Daisy Goodwin take third and Ciara Dobson second in 2.44.0 minutes and 2.57.88 minutes respectively.

Tyson and Dobson paired up for the 75m Hurdles. Tyson underscored her class with a dominant win in 12.35s and Dobson was fifth in the B competition in 15.8s.

Before running the 800m, Goodwin managed two heights in the high jump before withdrawing to run. She still managed fifth in the A competition. She was accompanied by newcomer, Lucia Asemota-Lopez. She was second in the B competition.

The pair teamed up again for shot put. Again, Asemota-Lopez took second in the B event, Goodwin was third overall.

Lacey Murray, was the final new athlete to club competition. She will be representing St Nicholas at the Independent Schools’ Athletics Finals at Javelin and warmed up with second place at this event. Alisha Brennan was third in the B string. Murray’s final individual action came in the long jump, where she came fourth. Dobson was sixth in the B competition.

The U13 girl’s provided Harlow with their only relay team. The quartet of Bradfield, Kaku, Murray and Tyson were third in 58.45s.

The youth team is next in action on 16 July, at Stevenage.

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2 Comments for Athletics: Quality over quantity for Harlow’s young athletes at Hornchurch:

Noel Thatcher
2023-07-03 12:50:35

Shame about the opening paragraph as this paints a far bleaker picture of the team’s performance than the reality. Harlow’s team officials and coaches were brilliant and team spirit was great. Harlow are back in theEYAL and building a team takes time.

Staff Reporter
2023-07-03 14:05:00

The whole report (inc opening par) was written by your colleague at Harlow AC, so you may want to (also) feedback to them.

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