Review: Typically Tina at Harlow Playhouse: So much more than a tribute act!

Entertainment / Sat 15th Jul 2023 at 11:33am

THERE are tribute act and then there are acts such as Typically Tina that are so much more.

And with the passing of the legendary Anne Marie Bullock. Karin Bello as Tina Turner is the keeper of a flame that everyone hopes will burn brightly for many years to come.

On Friday night at a packed Harlow Playhouse, the Typically Tina Band (and what an outfit) pr two hours of Tina Turner magic.

How they do it night after night is beyond me. If you look at their tour programme it looks like a demanding schedule but they may never be more in demand as people want to hear more of more of Tina Turner’s music.

The eight piece are such a tight outfit. From saxophone (Nichola Pope was a standout!), dancers and rhythm section. They all play their part and have their solo moments.

But is is Karin Bello who is the star, who is a relentless ball of energy and enthusiasm. And has a fantastic dirty laugh! How she gets back on a stage is a wonder to behold.

The rocking numbers do exactly what it says on the tin and afford the audience an opportunity to dance and literally wig out!

But one of the highlights, which came relatively early on, was the acoustic session. We have to say that the versions of “I don’t want to lose you” and ‘Let’s stay together” were sublime. They were worth the entrance money alone!

Of course, nothing can beat a finale of Proud Mary and Simply The Best!

It is a healthy time for the Harlow Playhouse as those are three nights in a row of very healthy audiences.

We do hope Typically Tina returns next year. Such a fitting tribute to a never to be forgotten legend.

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1 Comment for Review: Typically Tina at Harlow Playhouse: So much more than a tribute act!:

2023-07-15 13:38:33

Good to hear the playhouse is still headlining quality tribute acts.. have seen a few over the years without paying OTP prices and it's on my doorstep 👍

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