Robert Halfon backs new pay offer to teachers and medical staff

Education: Secondary / Sat 15th Jul 2023 at 03:12pm

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon has issued a statement supporting the government’s pay offer to a number of organisations.

Mr Halfon said: “Govt will deliver one of the highest pay settlements in more than two decades.

“Yesterday, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced that the Government will accept the pay recommendations of the independent Pay Review Bodies. This represents one of the highest pay settlements in more than twenty years.

The war in Ukraine and lasting impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic continue to present cost of living challenges so I’m very pleased that the Government is listening and supporting families through this increased pay award.

This settlement will mean:

✅Up to 17.4% pay increase for teachers – this means a typical teacher will take home almost £44,300 a year.

✅10.3% increase for Junior Doctors.

✅5% increase for NHS staff with one-off pat awards worth more than £3,600 for the typical nurse or ambulance worker.

✅6% increase for GPs.

✅Almost £5,000 increase for police officers.

✅Around 10% for the armed forces.

✅10% uplift for prison officers.

“As part of the Government’s commitment to bring down inflation, this pay settlement will not be funded through new borrowing or through tax increases.

“This is very welcome news and I am delighted that the Government has made this decision which will help many workers and families across Harlow”.

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3 Comments for Robert Halfon backs new pay offer to teachers and medical staff:

Luke Burton
2023-07-15 16:22:45

Why is this news? Robert Haflon *is* the government. He's a Minister of State at the DfE - it's his job to agree with positions that the government takes...

Joe E
2023-07-15 18:08:50

The pay rise for teachers is 6.5% and it’s not fully funded. 17.4% is a massive twist of the truth. 6.5% is again below inflation which means real teacher pay is down 20%-28% since the Tories came into power 13 years ago.

Kim Oconnor
2023-07-16 09:31:00

Why wasn't this done sooner..... why... because this government thought, if they hang it out, it would go away.... Well it didn't,, did it.... nothing to be proud of this rise.... but least its an increase.

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