Harlow Council leader Dan Swords sets out his five key priorities for the year

Harlow Council / Fri 21st Jul 2023 at 01:00pm

THE LEADER OF Harlow Council laid out his plans for the coming year.

Councillor Dan Swords re-iterated his five priorities over the next twelve months.

The ten minute speech was perhaps indicative of the young leaders approach to running the council.

The Boris-isms have gone to be replaced by a much more business-like approach from councillor Swords.

Each priority: Fix Council Housing, Restore Pride in Harlow, Rebuild Our Town, Secure Investment into Harlow and Improve Council Services was clearly detailed and set out.

We will be publishing the whole debate later on.

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7 Comments for Harlow Council leader Dan Swords sets out his five key priorities for the year:

gary roberts
2023-07-21 15:47:17

Did anyone hear Cllr. Swords mention "Reviving left-behind neighbourhoods" such as Potter Street during his eighteen minutes address to full council. It was part of key pledges announced about a month ago on this organ. I didn't hear that on the film.

2023-07-21 18:22:00

Fix Council Housing - there's me thinking that fixing council housing is something that the council should be doing as a matter of form. Is this how low the conservatives are that even routine tasks are now "key priorities"? Restore Pride in Harlow - has pride been lost in Harlow? If so why? Could it have something to do with the status of public services that have been underfunded for so long by this conservative government? Why is Cllr. Swords talking Harlow down by claiming that pride has been lost? Rebuild Our Town - what does this mean? Rebuild it into what? A spaceship? A replica of the Cutty Sark? Rebuilding is meaningless without a sensible plan or direction. Secure Investment into Harlow - is this the much vaunted UK Health Agency relocation to Harlow? Is this still going at "project speed" or some such nonsense? Improve Council Services - And there's me thinking that they want to make Council Services worse. Each and every "key priority" is meaningless drivel without details, without measurable indicators, or is just common sense, or what they should be doing anyway. Perhaps Cllr. Swords should spend less time on vacuous speeches, and more time on making Harlow a better place for everyone.

Kim Oconnor
2023-07-22 09:35:43

Could I ask a question to Dan swords. Why is it that when phoning council to talk to a P.T.O officer, we are told that this goes through council now..... Theses people should be there to respond to any bad actions being taken on our nature.........is it that you don't want people to know what destruction you are doing around this town........ I speak as a green party candidate.....And we have a right to know what's happening to our landscape.... not fogged of by some one that doesn't have a clue...... if you would answer this , I'd would appreciate it..

Nicholas Taylor
2023-07-22 11:28:28

I could not have said it any better Hugo. The statement of Dan Swords could be the same as any council leader in the country, it is meaningless without clear objectives and ways set out so that progress can be measured. It is clear now that the UK Health Agency move to Harlow has been mothballed, the promise of 2000-3000 new jobs in Harlow far exceeds any new jobs that can be created elsewhere in the town and lets not forget that the new hospital is not in Harlow, therefore some 3600 jobs will be lost to the district. Some 26 months in charge of the council and the Tories have not laid a brick for a new council home, sites around the town centre remain derelict and those flower boxes in Broadwalk are still not being looked after! Nicholas Taylor, Leader of the Harlow Alliance.

2023-07-22 21:04:29

This town will never be as good as it was no matter what you do to it. The pavements arw horrendous and that has all been caused by people parking their cars on them. I dont drive and i will never drive and i have had enough of people blocking the pavements and parking absolutely everywhere that they want. This has got to end,it is not acceptable,it is dangerous and it is ruining and damaging pavements and churning up the fields and making the town look an eyesore. There is still many more new builds yet to be built and this is going to bring even more cars,you ahould all be ashamed of what youhave done to this town. It is to overbuilt and it is an absolute disgrace. You are all just greedy selfish people.

Kim Oconnor
2023-07-24 09:21:51

Dan swords, no replies from you.... does that mean you don't want the people to know...we have a right to speak to a P.T.0 officer.

Staff Reporter
2023-07-24 09:25:18

Kim, You would be better off contacting Councillor Swords vi details on council website and available on Harlow Times.

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