YH at Edinburgh Festival: Chopped Liver and Unions

Entertainment / Mon 14th Aug 2023 at 12:59pm

Chopped Liver and Unions

Four Stars

YOUR HARLOW has always prided itself on their support of the arts. We also support our fellow independent newspapers. Putting both things together, we have travelled to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to work alongside The Edinburgh Reporter.


THIS was a dive into a important part of radical politics, taking us back to the east end of London as seen through the eyes of a Jewish socialist feminist.

It did what we hoped it would, educate, entertain and inform but it also paid tribute to the dedicated and steadfast women who demanded change.

The world is changed by the women you pushed too far.

One of those “difficult” women was Sara Wesker played by Lottie Walker.

In many ways, Lottie’s performance was a humble self-effacing and matter of fact one but that was no less effective.

Lottie inhabited the person and gave a real sense of the history and culture.

Wesker spoke Yiddish as well as English, meaning she could communicate well with older, factory workers – who were almost always female – and persuade them to take part in strikes or join her unions.

This was so well researched and presented and with references to Cable Street and Matchstick Girls was a real education for us all.



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