YH at Edinburgh Festival: Guffy

Entertainment / Mon 14th Aug 2023 at 07:10pm

YOUR HARLOW has always prided itself on the support of the arts. We also support our fellow independent newspapers. Putting both things together, we have travelled to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to work alongside The Edinburgh Reporter.


WE always feel that the mark of a good production is that you want to see more of the work of not only the actors but the writer/director as well.

The performance of Georgia Blue Ireland as Guffy was a tour de force.

In simple terms, it was great to see a play about ordinary working class life written and spoken in honest local dialect.

“How can a doctor diagnose you without seeing your puss?”

Georgia is living with her mother and her new born baby in Alloa.

There is a force and rage in Georgia’s performance. Yes she is just an ordinary lassie living and caring for her widowed mother. 

They all seem like prisoners of each other. They are all deeply flawed characters.

The condition of ordinary people and their lives 

We are not sure that it needed the ending it had. This whole play could happily have concentrated on Guffy’s circumstances.

She was a deeply unsympathetic character and that persona had a lot of potential. The twist left this reviewer a little bit bemused.

But we would like to see more of Glenna Morrisons work.

It is vital that there is a role for theatre like this across the UK.

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