St Marks celebrate great set of GCSE results

Education: Secondary / Thu 24th Aug 2023 at 12:31pm

ST Mark’s is delighted to be celebrating a great set of results by its pupils in their GCSEs with the return 2019 standards this summer.

A spokesperson said: “We are incredibly proud of all our pupils who have put in so much hard work during the last few years.

Carly and Abigail

“We can see that our pupils have made great progress since joining the school with many pupils achieving top grades in the 9 – 7 range across all subjects in the school.

“The exam outcomes are very strong and compare favourably with the last time, we had exams. And despite the challenges of covid and missed learning pupils have done very well.”

Will, Josh, Katerina

Elaine Heaphy, the headteacher said: “It was a delight to celebrate their results with them in person today. We are immensely proud of all the work and achievements of our pupils. Our teachers have worked tirelessly to ensure our pupils are all able to progress onto the next stage of their education. As a school, in partnership with parents, we have done everything we possibly could have to support our pupils. My congratulations to the pupils, their parents, and staff.”



There were many examples of outstanding individual performances with most pupils not only achieving their target grades but a number exceeding them.

Outstanding Results
Luca Breen,10 GCSE with 9 grades 9-7;
Meda Skauronaite, 10 GCSE with 10 grades 9-7; 

Noah Tang,
10 GCSE with 10 grades 9-7; 

Frank Reeves, 10 GCSE with 10 grades 9-7; 

Emre Arslan, 11 GCSE with 10 grades 9-7; 

Abigail Reeves, 9 GCSE with 9 grades 9-7; 

Shania Siju, 10 GCSE with 9 grades 9-7; Sharon Thomas, 10 GCSE with 8 grades 9-7; Luke Yadao, 10 GCSE with 8 grades 9-7.

Jessica and Sam

Maithili Godambe, 9 GCSE with 9 grades 9-7; Benjamin Nye, 9 GCSE with 8 grades 9-7; Samuel Philpot, 9 GCSE with 7 grades 9-7; Carly Stroud, 9 GCSE with 7 grades 9-7; Lawrence Wisebon-Donkor, 10 GCSE with 7 grades 9-7

Katerina Bibiceva, 9 GCSE with 6 grades 9-7; Samuel Cobbin-Brown, 10 GCSE with 7 grades 9-7; Yovika Mani, 8 GCSE with 8 grades 9-7; Lawson Wisebon-Donkor, 9 GCSE with 8 grades 9-7; Emmanuel Agyena, 9 GCSE with 5 grades 9-7; Toki Banjoko, 9 GCSE with 7 grades 9-7; James Smith,

9 GCSE with 8 grades 9-7; Jasmine Chung, 11 GCSE with 5 grades 9-7; Nicole Timis, 10 GCSE with 7 grades 9-7; Pati Kluska, 11 GCSE with 7 grades 9-7; Daniel Phasge, 10 GCSE with 7 grades 9-7; Jessica Barker, 9 GCSE with 6 grades 9-7; Bibire Ogedengbe, 9 GCSE with 5 grades 9-7; Rose McLellan, 9 GCSE with 5 grades 9-7; and Lewis Wadding, 9 GCSE with 5 grades 9- 7;.

The school looks forward to welcoming many of their Year 11 students into the Sixth Form in September and wish those that are continuing their journey at college or onto an apprenticeship the very best of luck.

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2 Comments for St Marks celebrate great set of GCSE results:

Peter Kinsella
2023-08-24 18:17:11

Well done, everyone - pupils and teachers - it's been a very tough few years!

2023-09-01 12:54:41

Amazing what can happen to a school when you sack Brendan McCarthy.

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