New entrance to Templefields industrial area set to be built

Education / Fri 1st Sep 2023 at 07:04am

A ROAD improvement scheme to support a key business area in Harlow is set to start next month (September).

The project will promote economic growth for the Templefields area, a centre for manufacturing in the town.

At present traffic has to enter and leave the site at its western end via Edinburgh Road and River Way.

In future, a new entrance and exit on the A1184 Cambridge Road will give businesses access to and from the eastern end of the industrial estate.

Essex County Council has appointed contractor Octavius Infrastructure to deliver the scheme. It is scheduled to be completed in Spring next year.

The work will create a connection between Cambridge Road and River Way. Traffic will be able to turn left into the enterprise zone and right to exit. This will also provide better and quicker access to the recently completed M11 J7a.

The scheme will also improve a nearby junction at Old Road and Cambridge Road.

Councillor Tom Cunningham, Essex County Council’s Cabinet Member for Planning a Growing Economy, said: “Templefields is an important part of Harlow, not only providing significant manufacturing space at present but also longer-term development opportunities.

“Therefore, it is vital that businesses and their customers have good access to the area and our scheme will greatly improve this aspect of the industrial estate, supporting our ambition of economic growth in the town.”

The council has already completed advanced works for the scheme. This has seen an area alongside the planned new access road clearer. A gas main has also been diverted to make way for the new road.

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10 Comments for New entrance to Templefields industrial area set to be built:

Guy Flegman
2023-09-01 07:28:16

Another poorly thought out plan. There are businesses next to junction that have regular hgv access and the road is narrow. This will cause extra congestion at traffic lights. When the stort valley viaduct road is built RIVERWAY will become the rat run to avoid the congestion on harlow stretch of A414

2023-09-01 07:48:59

Christ Guy..... Give it a rest, you haven't even seen the plans yet!!!

David morton
2023-09-01 08:27:40

It's about time, should of been in place when the town was built.

2023-09-01 08:38:00

Traffic from the Eastern Crossing will use it and also add to the traffic the other end into Edinburgh Way: plans have been publicly available for ages, before our idiotic Council got suckered into giving planning permission to the Eastern raised road culverted barrier from Pye Corner to River Way. Total disaster, all due to Herts failure to get through a link from Gilston passing near Sawbridgeworth to the M11. Not to mention hggt pfp Gilston estate (East Herts Council) and Latton (Epping Council) and "Harlow" North East (Epping Council) all set to overload and wreck the quality of the environment and life in Harlow whilst we actually lose PAH into Epping District putting it several km out of town with poor transport links, no bus station, no railway and far from where a large proportion of the PAH workforce live around the town centre. Great Planning if you are a property developer.

J. M. Gamble
2023-09-01 09:56:04

Another long term disruption simular to Edingburgh way dual carrageway which over run by some three years. Have they considered the effects this will have on Cambridge read which is all ready conjested?

Neil WB
2023-09-01 11:09:44

This is just an early phase of the New East Herts bypass For HGgT (along with the widened bit of Edinburgh way near tescos.)..for when they close off High Wych/Pye Corner road to through traffic from what is currently Eastwick roundabout A414 but will soon be a convoluted traffic lit crossroad with a raised bridge that will clip the edge of the Terlings estate by Plume and Feathers, Pye Corner and then meet a new raised 45 meter Roundabout in the Stort Valley before crossing the River Stort, where it will meet with a newth 65 meter Roundabout on River Way/Mead Park, the foot print for this roundabout and associated lane and cycle track diversions to Riverway will run from the edge of the River, take out the wood which is currently listed as a Town Park nature reserve, the grassed area on the bend of the road and a significant park of the industrial estate..

Guy Flegman
2023-09-01 11:38:54

Should also add that once this junction is complete the existing access to RIVERWAY will be closed for some time so the bridge over the railway tracks can be modified leaving the new junction as the only access until all works are complete. I suspect more than a few businesses will leave town as they have only just got over the trauma of the extended Edinburgh way fiasco

2023-09-01 12:30:50


Neil Warner-Baker
2023-09-01 12:44:18

Your absolutely right Guy..they have been pouring concrete under the railway bridge for the last 2 years to strengthen it as it will need to be widened as it joins onto this huge 65m+ elevated roundabout which is effectively the column of the EASTERN STORT CROSSING BRIDGE. Some of the inclines are pretty steep too, from what I recall when I viewed the plans..So HGVs beware in wintery conditions.

2023-09-01 13:51:12

Neil WB level headed comments, with regard to your thoughts on HGVs to take extra care this winter a note to the learned planning offices, I do know HGV drivers with degrees and even PhDs but yet to meet a town planner with an HGV licence and experience and it shows with a number of newer developments.

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