SFG College Year 7 pupils to remain at Mark Hall Academy for the rest of the school year

Education: Secondary / Sat 14th Oct 2023 at 10:17am

SIR FREDERICK Gibberd College has written to parents of Year 7 pupils at the school to give them an update on the arrangements for the pupils over the next year.

The letter states:

We wish to provide you with an update on the teaching arrangements of the SFG Year 7
pupils currently being educated at Mark Hall Academy.

“We have taken the decision that our year 7 children will continue to be educated on-site
at Mark Hall Academy for the remainder of the academic year.

Our view is the current arrangements are working well and we believe the academic and pastoral interests of the pupils is best served by keeping change and disruption to a minimum.

They will join the rest of the school in new temporary buildings on the SFG site next Autumn
Term when they begin Year 8. At that point the next intake of Year 7 children will join them
too at SFG.

From Spring next year, a full suite of school facilities will be developed at the SFG site.

These will include classrooms, and dedicated rooms for art, design and technology, food
tech, as well as laboratories and a hall. These buildings will be of a high standard and are
capable of being home to the school for several years.

The team of staff at BMAT Education and SFG have been working incredibly hard with the
Department for Education and its consultants to work through the complex situation that
arose over the summer with our school building.

“We have attached designs of the new school site to this letter so you can see what we will
be able to offer pupils.

Should you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact BMAT Education.
Pupils at Mark Hall Academy will continue to have one of the Deputy Headteachers based
with them, and Mrs Conlon will continue to split her time between SFG and MHA.

Thank you again for the support our staff have received from the wider school community.
We shall provide further updates as and when we hear from the DFE.

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2 Comments for SFG College Year 7 pupils to remain at Mark Hall Academy for the rest of the school year:

Dean Sanderson
2023-10-14 21:33:51

Maybe SFG or BMAT will explain to yourHarlow what they intend to do with the unfit facilities they are currently using. The temporary toilets consistently smell and run out of water, the heating cannot be turned up as it melts the surrounding area, the walkways are slippery, that’s without the entrance with the busses and cars, which is an accident waiting to happen. The parents don’t get an update so maybe you will

Mrs Jones
2023-10-15 14:40:15

Dean Sanderson, maybe you should ask these questions to DFE and Robert Halfon. I really feel for those poor teachers who also have to use those facilities as well. It is not like it is staff's fault. I bet the school isn't allowed to say anything because they will lose their jobs. Not like they can bad mouth the DFE. I wonder how long the head teacher will stay. Such a shame, she is so good as well. That school will fall apart if she goes. So stop giving the school grief and start helping by putting pressure on your MP and councilors.

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